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I was in church on new year’s eve to ask God for forgiveness after threatening to curse Fameye – Remorseful Ogidi Brown



Ghanaian musician Ogidi Brown formerly signed fellow musician Fameye to his record label, but ended up terminating the contract before the agreed contract period.

The termination of the contract was as a result of misunderstanding between the two.

Later, Ogidi Brown alleged according to the agreement of the contract with Fameye, the latter incurred a debt of $50,000 he was supposed to pay to his record label, after the contract termination.

According to Ogidi Brown, Fameye made no effort to settle the debt, so, he threatened to curse him and summon him before river-gods.

After the threat, which was some few days before new year’s eve, Ogidi Brown was seen in church on new year’s eve worshiping and praising God.

People lashed and criticized him for going to church after he threatened to curse Fameye and summon him before river-gods.

But Ogidi Brown in an interview with on-air personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) on her Delay show, revealed his motive for having been seen in church on the new year’s eve, when Delay questioned why he still went to church after threatening to curse a fellow musician.

According to Ogidi Brown, he felt remorseful after making a video of himself threatening to curse Fameye. Hence the decision to go to church and ask God for forgiveness on new year’s eve.

“Could you believe I don’t even know how to curse a fellow brother….I only threatened because he’d refused to pay me. I went to church on the 31st night of December to ask God for forgiveness,” he said.

Watch interview below;

Ogidi Brown threatens to curse Fameye over $50,000 he owes him


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