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"I will name my first born son after you"- Funny Face pens down emotional message to Adebayor



Funny face x Adebayor Funny face x Adebayor[/caption] Ghanaian Comedian Funny Face has just taken his “bromance” with International football star, Emmanuel Adebayor to another level as he promises to name his first born son after him. Funny face and Emmanuel Adebayor have been friends for years and have constantly shown brotherly love towards each other. Their bromance got tighter in 2012 when Adebayor gifted the comedian with a customized Range Rover SUV, as a personal gift. On his birthday this year, Adebayor again gifted the “Children’s President” with a blank cheque. Funny Face in an Instagram post today, expressed how he was willing to return the cash favors by buying his friend all the good things in life, but as it turns, he already has everything. So to proper honor him and their brotherhood, Funny Face pledged to name his first born son after him. He wrote, “Am celebrating you today like I always do bro .. you are a living LEGEND … In dis life .. everybody has got his or her guardian Angel 👼.. God purposefully sends such people ur way .. for him to help you get to ur destiny so you also help others .. From day one all dis years .. you have been der for me .. never giving up on me no matter da situation .. went thru some though times in my life .. people I called friends and family all neglected and rejected me .. they were da ones who were behind most of my pain and trouble .. but like u called me on fone and said “ Obooooiiii relax . All dis shall pass , stay focus , keep ur head up and continue helping da children “ ur words of motivation, ur advice and guidance brought me dis far .. bro my dream is to buy you a big private jet one day .. but as it stands my finances is not on dat level yet .. then I said I wanted to build u a mansion , then I realized , when it comes to mansions .. u are the king of mansions .. considering da number of mansions and projects u have … but den I notice der is something I can do to keep ur name for eternity in my life .. when am dead and gone one day .. Bro on dis day and time .. am making dis promise to u .. am gonna name my first son “Adebayor “ just after u .. so ur name stays in my life forever .. when my son grows and gets married , his wife will ask him .. how come u are a Ghanaian and u are called “ Adebayor “ .. then he will tell her … “ when my father was alive .. he had a footballer friend who took my father as his brother and helped my father achieve 💯 percent of all his dreams “ I will smile in my grave .. cos he will also name his children after you !! You are a good man bro and a Legend in my family .. your legacy and name will linger on till eternity in my life … God bless you bro .. I celebrate you living LEGEND !! To who ever reading dis .. I pray God brings people like “Adebayor “ in ur life .. when it happens .. pls name ur children after dem .. so their name never dies .. after they are dead and gone !! 🙏🙏 God bless you @e_adebayor and make all ur dreams come true !! Obooiiiii Na dieeeee” 😀🕺🙏 #ChildrenPresident #MrHappiness]]>