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I won’t hesitate to marry a Ghanaian if he’s ‘the one’- Anne Sophie Avé



French Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Anne Sophie Avé has revealed she wouldn’t mind settling down with a man of Ghanaian descent. 

Her Excellency, whose 4-year stay in the country is about to end in August, revealed she wouldn’t mind staying in the country, should she find the man of her dreams.

Ms Sophie, who also revealed in an interview with Ameyaw TV that she has acquired a property in the country and is bound to visit after her tenure ends, told Abeiku Santana in an interview she is open to finding love in Ghana.

“Why would I not marry a Ghanaian. I would certainly if I meet the man of my dreams in Ghana, I would marry a Ghanaian,” she told Abeiku. 


Explaining why she wouldn’t mind settling down with a Ghanaian man, Anne stated; 

“Ghanaians have been so sweet and nice to me. If I ever fall in love with any of them, I won’t hesitate to get married to either of them.”

The 54-year-old French native started her tenure as ambassador to Ghana in September 2018.


Ms Sophie has immersed herself into the Ghanaian culture since her arrival into the country, supporting creatives and projecting their world to an international market.


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