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IkeN’s “Galatea”: Modern Alt-R&B Album Depicting Pitfalls of Unrealistic Love



IkeN's "Galatea": Modern Alt-R&B Album Depicting Pitfalls of Unrealistic Love

IkeN unveils “Galatea”, an avant-garde Alt-R&B album reimagining the Greek myth of Pygmalion and Galatea. This album is a sonic exploration of the perils that arise from unrealistically high relationship expectations, seamlessly blending R&B melodies with lush synth soundscapes. Told from Pygmalion’s perspective, “Galatea” is a modern cautionary tale, depicting the consequences of sculpting someone into an unattainable ideal. IkeN masterfully delves into the emotions of both characters, highlighting the pain caused by the eventual collapse of the pedestal on which Galatea is placed.

Stream Your Turn video here

Stream the album HERE

Fusing thick synths and intricate vocal harmonies, IkeN crafts an immersive soundscape that not only redefines musical genres, but also pushes the boundaries of musical storytelling. “Galatea” serves as a powerful exploration of love and its complexities, soundtracked by the interplay of IkeN’s vibrant vocals and modern Alt-R&B.


At 19, the Kenyan artist’s upbringing spanned various countries including Zimbabwe, Iran, and Bangladesh, exposing him to a rich tapestry of musical influences that continue to shape his unique sound. Introduced to music at an early age, IkeN learnt how to play piano in Bangadesh at eight years old, and started producing music at scool from the age of 13, initially experimenting with EDM remixes.


Written over a period of two years, Galatea was inspired by a book IkeN read on Greek mythology, drawing parallels between the ancient myths and contemporary themes. IkeN chose to build the album’s narrative around the central character, Pygmalion, crafting a modern musical interpretation of this timeless story. IkeN cites influences from artists such as Alina Baraz, Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean.



IkeN writes, composes and produces his music in conjunction with studying Business Management at the University of Nottingham, and has achieved over 500k streams across platforms.

IkeN on ‘Your Turn’: “Your Turn’ is probably my favorite song out of the last three I’ve made – one thing I wanted to make sure of during the making of this story was that it wouldn’t have a happy ending. I think they’re overrated, and don’t leave much space to develop. In my opinion, there’s much more to learn from a sad ending than a happy one.”


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