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I’m In Love With Bomaye and with Promzy as ‘Queen’



The Grand Finale Event of the “I’m in Love with Bomaye” Reality Show was one to remember in a long time to come. The night was filled with very exciting musical and dramatic performances from Jon Germain, Mframa, Team One, the FOKN Boys, Akosua Agyepong and Edem. And of course, the show couldn’t have been perfect without the heartwarming speeches from Nana Yaa Serwaa Sarpong the Channel Manager of Cine Afrik on MultiTV and Mabel Germain, CEO-Access Media Productions – Partners to the Production. Bomaye arrived on stage with glamour as he walked in his kingly character surrounded by attendants. When he finally settled on stage, his simple question was, “Am I not worth US$ 20,000?” The very enthusiastic crowd responded with a resounding YES! It was only a matter of time before the final four maidens; Princy, Promzy, Chichi and Favour came on stage also looking perhaps the best we have seen of them yet. After all it was their final opportunity to attract the king. Promzy received the loudest applause when they were introduced. Within seconds she became the casualty of the night. It was necessary to eliminate one maiden so we can have three finalists. She obviously did not see it coming yet she took it very well. What had gone wrong? She was clearly a favorite and the king himself had said that in private conversations with trusted people. Perhaps the hardworking argument had finally gotten to him. Or perhaps Promzy’s fans have stopped voting. There were no tears, she just thanked everyone and God for bringing her this far. If there was going to be any such thing as eviction this was the last one. The tension grew more at this point. The number one favourite was out. The four couldn’t even move a muscle as Edem performed right behind them working the whole crowd into frenzy. The charged atmosphere perhaps only added to the tension that was brewing in the hearts and minds of both the King and the Maidens. Princy had demonstrated a lot of confidence about winning the show whilst Chichi just cooled off. The Production Team was at this point pushing the suspense barrier; Timothy, A-Plus & Linda the MCs were splendid, adding to the suspense. When the king was finally handed the microphone he added to the suspense too.  After looking at the final three and examining them for the last time he said “the one I’m in love with is not here at the moment. Promzy please come back on stage”; Amazing!. This declaration got the crowd to their feet amidst various emotions of excitement, shock and admiration. When Promzy finally got there, the king made his final speech. “Baby, my rose, words cannot express the way I feel about you tonight”. He then got on his knees and put the ring on her finger asking her to marry him. To cut a long story short she accepted the king’s proposal forfeiting the Twenty Thousand US Dollars (US$ 20,000) worth of prizes that was at stake. True love perhaps. Well after months of waiting and gossiping, cooking, fighting and the rest, Promzy has won. It seem as though the two were made for each other and even though Promzy has flaws, which woman doesn’t? And with the king’s level of maturity and patience, he has demonstrated the ability to manage any woman well enough and she is sure to respond to him in every way possible. Yesternight though the two are heading for the nearest hotel room to find out the one thing they don’t know about each other. See you next season!]]>

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