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IMDb: Your Best Bet in Movie Reviews and Streaming



Watching movies and favorite TV shows is a fun way to let time pass by. If you are bored and got nothing to do, you would most likely end up watching something on your phone, laptop, or TV. However, there might be times when you want to watch something on television or the streaming app you have.

With that, you don’t have to get frustrated. You can watch whatever movie or show you want to watch. The answer? IMDb Movies. Whether you are familiar with IMDb, this article will show you all the facts to know about it and how to download movies with it. 

A brief introduction of IMDb movies

IMDb is one of the first movie providers on the Internet for the past few years. The provider has been on the web for over 20 years now, and many people still use this movie type until today. Despite the popularity of movie apps and paid streaming platforms, IMDb movies are still very famous.

IMDb stands for an “internet movie database.” This database holds a gallery of movies, TV shows, video games, documentary films, academic-related videos, and films, and different types of media content around the world. 


Besides media content, there also has a section where you can see the IMDb reviews & ratings, critiques, and thoughts of people and users who have watched the film or video.The site also shows the casting, the producers, directors, and other information about the film’s production.

In shorter words, all information that you want to know about the movie or video is indicated in IMDb. The site has nearly 7 million media content titles where people can use for their leisure or other content needs. You will also know how long the video lasts and the runtime information before you download the movie. 

Unlike other streaming apps online, IMDb is unique and more distinct because sometimes the movie copies they offer have uncut scenes, bloopers, and behind the views from the stars which cast the movie. If you are a massive fan of the stars in the film you are watching, you can get to know them more when watching some clips behind the camera.

History of IMDb

IMDb was found in the 90s. Initially, the site was supposed to be a fan-based website where anyone can share some content of their favorite movies and videos. Through time, the site became a portal to millions of film produced around the world. You can search almost every video, movie, or TV show on IMDb.



Now, IMDb works and is in partnership with Amazon, which sells offers more advanced and cool features of the site, such as IMDb TV and Pro. Anyone can purchase these two offers on Amazon’s website. 


If you subscribe to Amazon, you might be familiar with IMDb TV since the feature can be seen whenever you open the app. IMDb TV is a feature created by Amazon that offers free video and movie content. However, IMDb TV is supported by ads.

Initially, IMDb TV is known as IMDb TV, and it has all the best high-quality and impressive content that users love to use. It is also a way of Amazon to entice new subscribers and buyers from the site. By the end of 2019, the feature was renamed as IMDb TV.


Unlike other streaming apps, such as Disney Plus, Hulu, or Netflix, IMDb TV is 100% free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to watch and get content from the app. However, it would help if you watched ads from time to time, and you cannot skip one of them. 

IMDb TV is only accessible whenever you are in the United States. You can try to change your VPN if you are in a different country. If you can’t change your VPN, you may have to wait for the app to reach other countries. 

How to Download Movies and Videos from  IMDb TV

Since the app is a free movie and TV show app, it only has limited features compared to other paid streaming apps. There are tons of ways on how to download content from the IMDb TV app. First, you can try offline viewing with the help of Prime Video subscription. You can watch videos and movies for offline playback. However, you need to subscribe to Prime Video first.

Another way to download movies from the app is by using third-party websites and downloaders. There are IMDb downloaders that come free on the Internet, and there are those that you need to purchase. One of the best IMDb third-party services is Wondershare and EZ video downloader. 



Regarding finding the best free movie video downloader, IMDb is genuinely the best one to use. It has a vast content library, and you will never run out of options. Although it has some ads to it, the video quality is excellent, and you will never regret trusting IMDb.


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