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Impersonating someone is a crime- Tracy Sarkcess tells fake Twitter account



Being a public figure comes with a lot of headache, including impersonations, good or bad! Perhaps this is why verification of accounts for public figures is a big deal for many!

Tracy Sarkcess had cause to call out a fake Twitter account in her name, on Thursday morning, after a Tweet from that fake account made headlines for the wife of Sarkodie.

The parody account ‘@TracySarlcess’ tweeted to welcome Sarkodie back to Ghana, which was published on many website as something from Tracy herself.

This made Tracy send a message to the parody account, saying: “Can you stop with this nonsense and fake account please?! Impersonating someone is a crime! If it’s a parody account fine but let it be known and stop deceiving people. It’s my name your playing with. Thank you & good morning”

The dsicription on the parody account currently reads: “The Parody One | Love Reigns Supreme Mgmt:+233(0)20205-5801 Twitter: tracysarkcess Facebook: tracysarkcessofficial”