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Influencer Marketing: Don't Take Every Job



Following the official announcement of her YouTube series ‘Influencer Marketing’ a few weeks back, renowned blogger and social media influencer Tosin Ajibade otherwise known as Olorisupergal has released a new episode titled ‘Mistakes Influencers Make’ today. The new episode will mark the third episode of the series which has been described as insightful in regards to online marketing and publicity for social media influencers. In this episode, Tosin elucidates the most common mistakes ignored by social media influencers when executing a new campaign or project. The blogger goes on to highlight the importance of tailored contents when offered a job as an influencer as it is imperative for your contents to resonate or appeal with the interest of your audience or followers; based on their demographics and psychographics. Olorisupergal also indicates that not every job should be considered as you should only take up jobs that align with the defined style of your usual contents day in, day out. She also points out the importance of exerting one’s creativity as an influencer when executing a new campaign; owing to the fact that most brands don’t involve influencers in the creative process of their marketing/campaign planning, and as such; it is up to you to pervade your creativity in the execution in its entirety. She comments; “Don’t take every job you get. As an influencer, you know your brand more than anyone, so if a brand comes to you, you need to ask yourself; will this content connect with my followers?” Other noteworthy points elucidated include communication process of brands with influencers, projected output of campaigns, measuring the reach, frequency, and impressions of your contents during a campaign, among others.]]>