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Ini Edo Has Just Created A Big Problem For An Innocent Child – Waterz Yidana



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Waterz Yidana, a Ghanaian Award Winning Writer has said that “Ini Edo HAS JUST CREATED A BIG PROBLEM FOR AN INNOCENT CHILD”…..

“I like Ini Edo very much. If for nothing at all, I enjoyed watching her movies when I was growing up as a teenager.

She is a very beautiful woman. And she is talented as well and interpreted her movie roles beyond perfection, hence my likeness for her…..

I often won’t comment on the lifestyles of many Nigerian and Ghanaian celebrities because I feel they’ve every right to live as they please once they are not breaking any public laws or posing as enemies of the state…

But I am commenting on this particular issue because I saw so many of our youth praising her online for the wrong reason.

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So to educate them, I have to explain certain things to them so they do not repeat such a big mistake like Ini Edo has just done…

I read in the news today that she (Ini Edo) has birthed a baby girl through surrogacy and she is very happy about that. Well, I am happy for her too as a fan…

Congratulations to her. But she committed a blunder I will like to point out to her….

I understand the plight of women who have tried everything possible to have their own children but cannot. It’s depressing and soul-crushing.

I always sympathize with them and encourage our men to treat such women with so much kindness because they need it to keep them truly alive.

To be barren in Africa is not easy. People will judge you from left and right without knowing how you truly feel as a woman who wants your own child or children.

Some of these women with such problems , in their quest to get a child by all means, try different things including surrogacy, especially those of them who are privileged or quite okay in life…

It’s not a bad thing to have a child through surrogacy if you’ve problems with your reproductive system or having an issue getting pregnant or, in a case where getting pregnant and giving birth poses a threat to your health…

But my only problem is that Ini Edo has created a big problem for this innocent baby when she grows up to understand how things work in life…

Of course, Ini Edo deserves to be happy, but let’s not forget that the innocent child deserves to be happy too, in the future when she grows up to understand what’s happening around her….

She birthing the baby through surrogacy is not the problem as I keep saying,

but her decision of using a random or an anonymous “donor sperm” is my problem with her. Yes, the Eggs are hers and so genetically the baby is her blood.

But who is the baby’s father? Where is he? From which family background? Is he a Ghanaian, Nigerian or a South African? What is his identity?

Who is her surrogate mother? Where is she? The woman that suffered to carry her nine months in her womb!…

These are very relevant questions Ini Edo and her friends might be overlooking, but this innocent child will ask these same questions some day when she needs fatherly love and care.

This baby will go through a lot of psychological problems and mental tortures looking for who her father is and the woman that carried her for nine months in her womb.

Do you think that it is easy to live without knowing your father in an African society?

If you grow up as a child and ask about your father, and you’re told that he’s dead, you’ll understand because you’ll see his pictures and his family…

But for Ini Edo to tell the child that “I don’t know your father. ‘It was an anonymous “donor sperm” with my egg that another woman carried for nine months for me’, will make the child the most miserable person on earth. She may even commit suicide if she is not strong emotionally….

Worse of it all, is if Ini Edo doesn’t live long enough to see this child grow up as an adult. Who will be her family? Ini Edo’s brothers and sisters? Too bad….

It’s not the best to have a child through surrogacy with a random or an anonymous “donor sperm”….

Ini Edo could’ve made her boyfriend or any man she admires donate his sperm for this baby since she’s not ready for marriage.

But to say that she doesn’t want any “baby daddy drama” that’s why she chose a random “donor sperm” is only showing her level of selfishness or childishness….

She doesn’t truly care about how the baby will feel when she grows up…..

She just cares about having a baby to please the society or to prove a useless point to people who don’t like her or people she doesn’t like. Too bad. I pity the innocent baby…

Other women who may want to have children this way should do with a man they like so that the child can also have and know their father….

It’s a great thing to have a father. And everyone deserves one…”



Aisha Modi drags Diamond Appiah to court over East Legon land deal



aisha and diamond

Musician, Diamond Appiah has been arraigned at an Accra Circuit Court for allegedly collecting US$30,000 from socialite Aisha Modi under the pretext of securing the latter a plot of land at East Legon in Accra. (more…)

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Ugly Dray is the best upcoming rapper I have heard in Ghana recently – Vic Mensa



Ugly Dray is the best upcoming rapper I have heard in Ghana currently – Vic Mensa

Rapper, VIC Mensa appears to be super impressed and excited after listening to rap talent of budding Ghanaian rapper, Ugly Drays. (more…)

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We’ll Roast You at NEW Year Comedy Night, Send us to Court – DKB to Kurt Okraku



We'll Roast You at NEW Year Comedy Night, Send us to Court - DKB to Kurt Okraku

The annual New Year Comedy Night will kick off the 2023 event calendar in January. To start the new year, the event will return with even funnier and rib-cracking jokes.

Slated for January 2, 2023 at the La Palm Royal Hotel. Ahead of the show, Comedian and Headliner for the event, DKB has sent a message to the Ghana Football Association President; Mr Kurt Okraku.

The comedian won’t hold back when discussing the Ghana Black Stars and their recently concluded World Cup campaign. DKB asserts that he is prepared to appear in court because on January 2nd, he will roast the President, despite the GFA having warned that people would be prosecuted if they disparaged the GFA and The Black Stars.

“We will roast him [Kurt Okraku] come Monday January 2 2023 at the New Year Comedy Night event. On the night we [Comedians] will dive into all that happened in 2022 which fortunately Kurt Okraku and the Black Stars actively participated in.” He said.

“Yes I am aware of the letter that was published by the GFA, but it wouldn’t intimidate us into cowering and not speak about GFA and The Black Stars. We are ready to go to court because we will roast Him [Kurt Okraku].” He added.

There will be great performances by OB Amponsah, Lekzy DeComic, Foster Romanus, Jeneral Ntatia, Parrot Mouth, Putogo, and MjTheComedian with music from Sista Afia and Cina Soul. The show will be hosted by Kejetia Lawyer Nti.

Contact 055 813 4734 for table reservations and more information about the event.


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Source: Fenuku Augustine.

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Police Recover Meek Mill’s Stolen Phone; Suspect Arrested



Police Recover Meek Mill's Stolen Phone; Suspect Arrested

The Police have arrested one suspect and retrieved a mobile phone that was stolen from Meek Mill, an American hip-hop artist.

The suspect Nuhu Sule alias Ababaawa was arrested Friday, December 30, 2022, at his hideout in Accra. He is currently in Police custody and will be taken through the due process of the law. The victim, Meek Mill, reported his phone stolen in Accra on December 29, 2022.

Meanwhile the American rapper received his phone through Dr. Nadia Adongo Musah, Deputy Director, Diaspora Affairs  at  the Office of the President.

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They say I do money laundering – Mercy Eke of BBNaija



They say I do money laundering - Mercy Eke of BBNaija

Reality Star, Mercy Eke sits with Chude Jideonwo, host of the viral TV show, #WithChude to discuss accusations the media peddle against her and life after Big Brother Naija.

On her choice to respond to the blogger who claimed she slept with IVD, she shared, “This blogger has been on my case since forever. This person has tarnished my image more than anything, and I have never responded. This started when I was in the house. When this whole thing started, I saw that one of my fans released something where this blogger asked for 200,000 naira, and they did not give the person. And the blogger vowed that he or she will deal with me. But now, I am not in the house, you can’t deal with me based on whoever was handling my page. I didn’t even know about it because, they cleaned it up. When they handed over my phone to me, I didn’t see a lot of things, so I couldn’t pay for what I did not know. And since then, I have not rested. There is no story that this blogger has not involved me, till that one, I won’t respond. But this one, someone just died, there is a case of domestic violence, and I know this woman, we are friends. Then something that I know nothing about, you just brought my name out of nowhere and say that I am sleeping with this person”.
“That is the first and last time, I am going to respond to something, but I needed to respond to that one, she added.
Mercy also shared her thoughts about Phyna being the second woman to win the reality TV show.

“Honestly speaking, I have been waiting on someone to take on that role, let that pressure move, I want to rest. I want another person to come and take it, let the blogs focus on this person. Because I know when someone comes, at least I will rest.

She also reacted to the stigma successful women have to deal with, “It is very offensive. I feel that it is taking away all the efforts, the sleepless night, all the hard work we women put to get together where we are. They will just take away all effort and tag it as someone is behind you. I am not saying it is bad to have someone behind, if you have a rich boyfriend, some people’s love language might be taking care of you, buying you nice things, and giving you money. However, you will still work hard. They said I do money laundering; they have dealt with me in this industry. I came into this industry without no advice, just myself and my team and I started building brand.

On her motivation to be in the Big Brother house, she shared, “I auditioned four times. I just have that voice in me that says, ‘this is where you will make it’. So, each year when they say, ‘‘try again next year’. I still have that thing in my head that, ‘Okay, I will try’. Back then it was just to be famous”.


Watch the excerpts from the interview here:

#WithChude is a network of media products across TV, Film and podcasts telling stories that enable and strengthen the mind, the heart, and the spirit. The weekly interviews are widely syndicated across terrestrial television and social media platforms reaching an average of 8 million people weekly – positioning it as the most watched and most syndicated weekly talk show (digital + traditional) in the region. It has become a safe space for guests to talk about things publicly for the first time. Actor Joke Silva revealed that her husband Olu Jacobs was dealing with dementia with Lewy body for the first time on the show, and producer Kemi Afolabi opened up about her experience dealing with Lupus on #WithChude. That month, Lupus and Kemi Afolabi were among the top Google Nigeria searches. The interviews have been featured everywhere, from the BBC to the New York Times. The documentary and travelogue series #ChudeExplains has tackled issues from criminal justice reform to Gen Z coming of age. The show launches the #WithChude Global series in 2023.

All past and new episodes of #WithChude can be watched at You can also watch the premiere of new episodes every Saturday on Channels TV at 1 pm, with reruns every Sunday on Wazobia TV Channel 98 at 5 pm, and every Tuesday on Rave Tv at 5 pm.

An extended play podcast is up on, as well as on Apple Premium.

Everyone can join the conversation.

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Eugene Osafo Nkansa ‘Nkonkonsa’ survives deadly car accident



Eugene Osafo Nkansa ‘Nkonkonsa’ survives deadly car accident

Ghanaian entertainment reporter and blogger, Eugene Osafo Nkansa, popularly known as Nkonkonsa, has survived a deadly car accident, just days to Christmas. (more…)

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