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INNGEN Technology Solutions opens new office in Accra …to help create 1,000 IT specialist jobs



INNGEN Technology Solutions, a Swiss company at the forefront of enhancing companies’ Information Technology (IT) capabilities through remote service delivery from the continent’s top IT talent, has marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its new office in Tse-Addo, Accra.

This move holds the promise of creating 1,000 job opportunities for the nation’s best IT professionals in the medium term. Currently, the company has successfully onboarded over 40 more talented young professionals and has set an ambitious target of reaching a total workforce of 100 employees by year-end. This then sets the stage to employ more than a 1,000 young IT professionals in five years. 

INNGEN’s core business is to source top tech talent from Ghana for foreign companies in Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and other European countries. INNGEN thus delivers Sub-Saharan Africa’s top IT talents for global markets. Some of the top jobs currently available including System Administrator, Data Scientists, Artificial Intelligence experts, Database Administrators, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Engineer, Network Admin, Web Developer, and UI/UX Designer. 

Chief Executive Officer of INNGEN Technology Solutions, Mr. David Gowu, explained that the journey began with a handful of dedicated young individuals whose unwavering commitment led to the establishment of their new office. The IT leader added that the company constantly trains its workers to acquire the needed skills that meet international standards and also offers them a competitive salary above the market.


“This business is a direct foreign capital investment. INNGEN Technological Solutions is a Switzerland company based in the country, investing a lot of money in our office space and other aspects of the business. Our clients are abroad and they pay us in foreign currency hence our workers are paid a competitive salary above the market rate. As a result, they do not need to travel abroad, instead stay here and work,” he elaborated.

In response to how the skillset acquired by the youth will impact the IT space, he noted that it will gradually contribute to the development of a large pool of highly skilled professionals in the IT sector, enhancing Ghana’s reputation as a hub for IT expertise and attracting more companies to seek local talent.

Switzerland’s Ambassador to Ghana, Simone Giger, recognized and commended INNGEN’s pivotal role in job creation and its potential to open doors for more Swiss enterprises in Ghana.

In her speech, Ambassador Giger highlighted the significance of INNGEN’s presence in Ghana, stating, “Today, we are not only opening an office; more importantly, we are celebrating the inauguration of a new business that has already created jobs in Ghana and will be creating more. We think that INNGEN is paving the way for other Swiss businesses to come here and create jobs and opportunities for young people.”


She expressed her belief that the endeavour would attract more companies to the country and solidify its position as a hub for ICT services in the region and beyond. While commending INNGEN’s management for its bold venture into the IT sector, Ambassador Giger also encouraged the company to focus on achieving a balanced gender workforce as the year unfolds.

The ambassador pledged the embassy’s unwavering support for INNGEN and encouraged the company to continue their hard work, reinforcing the notion of Ghana being an ideal destination for business growth.

A Board Member of INNGEN Technology Solutions, Derek Smith, highlighted the ripple effect of each new hire on the local economy. “Each person we employ will have a multiple impact on the local economy because the individual is working in the country, paying taxes to the government, and spending money within the country.” 

INNGEN Technology Solutions remains steadfast in its mission to assist companies in expanding their IT capabilities by leveraging remote service delivery from Sub-Saharan Africa’s top IT talent, Mr. Smith added.


About INNGEN Technology Solutions

We are a nearshore / offshore out-staffing company, planning, building, and managing talent capital for innovative companies.

Our Vision

To help companies extend their IT capabilities by leveraging remote service delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa.


 Our IT Outsourcing Domain Expertise

  • System Administrator
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Ul/UX Designer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • SAP Administrator
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence (Al)
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer

At Inngen, we provide specialists that are highly qualified and engaged, with low attrition rates. We solve our clients’ human capital needs and challenges through a global network of a highly-efficient and reliable staff within our service delivery centers. 

Our office address: C123 Lainlock Place, Rosewood Street, Tse-Addo, Accra, Ghana 

Email: [email protected] 

Visit our website: 

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