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INSPIRATION AFRICA represents Ghana’s newest conference with a distinctive stance



INSPIRATION AFRICA is a conference bringing on stage inspiring thinkers, makers and activists who are shaping the present and future of Ghana and Africa to give a talk about their journeys and innovations on stage. In short, we stand for African Heroes. African Stories. 120 minutes of inspiring talks.

The event is scheduled on November 25th from 10 AM at Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel.

For this edition, six speakers will share their stories and accomplishments:

BOLA RAY CEO EIB NETWORK, GHANA: the Ghanaian celebrated media personality and entrepreneur will share a unique message extirpated from his book titled “It is Possible”, an autobiography which brings to life the over two decades of his personal story.

BERNICE DAPAAH CEO GHANA BAMBOO BIKES INITIATIVE, GHANA: her company processes bamboo farms into cost-effective, robust and environmentally friendly bicycles, standing at the vanguard of green transportation in Ghana.

JOSEPH-OLIVIER BILEY CEO WEFLYAGRI, COTE D’IVOIRE: he leads the WeFly Agri team, a startup that uses drones in agriculture to deliver on his vision of empowering farmers and bringing technology to their everyday life. 40,000 people have already benefited from his technology.

MANSATA KURANG CEO VR REVIVAL, UK/GAMBIA: Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 at the Women in Technology World Series, she leads « VR Revival » which recreates 360-degree virtual reality films as an effective therapeutic method to calm or to relieve patients with dementia.

JORGE APPIAH CEO SOLAR TAXI, GHANA: founder of « SolarTaxi Ghana », a company that assembles in Ghana adapted solar vehicles (tricycles, scooters and vans) funded with a 1.2 million USD budget.

KWASI TABURY CEO DECATHLON, GHANA: a former football club player in France, Kwasi Tabury returned to his beloved country in 2016 as the head of a sporting goods company. Passionate about ensuring every Ghanaian is a healthy person through sports, this atypical CEO will share unique initiatives in sports and environment he is undertaking.

INSPIRATION AFRICA is free to attend. Just tell us how you inspire others and grab your free ticket at




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