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InspirationalChat: Meet Mathias Abeeba, the former security officer who gained admission into four universities



Mathias Abeeba, an ex-security officer of Topp Core Securities, assigned to Starr FM, has gained admission into the top four public universities in Ghana. However, it wasn’t an easy journey for him.

Mathias completed high school in 2008 but couldn’t make it to the university because of his grade in English language. He joined a security company after completing secondary school 2008 with aggregate 18. He applied with grade 18 but didn’t get the school he applied for,
hence; he went back to write the exams that he had failed.
He came to Accra to find a job. He met a friend who introduced him to a security company, Topp Core Security Ghana Limited, whilst waiting for his results.  He recounted, ‘’I joined Topp Core Security and worked for 3 years. During my first day at work, I was not comfortable
with the job. It was my first time being a security officer but as time went on, I gained interest in the job’’.
Mathias never gave up on pursuing his dream whiles studying to rewrite his exams in 2017. It took him 10 years and he finally gained admission into all 4 universities he applied for. They are UG, KNUST, UNIVERSITY OF ALLIED SCIENCE, and UDS.
Mathias Abeeba was born in Bolgatanga in the Northern Region of Ghana.
Never give up in life. Trust God Always!!!!

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