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Instant celebs whose popularity lasted shorter than we expected

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Instant celebs whose popularity lasted shorter than we expected

Some people find fame fast, and their stardom die even faster. Nowadays, it takes something little or extraordinary for you to go viral on social media. Some of the people who have gone viral on social media did so out of something positive. Here are some Ghanaians who became very popular but their popularity was short-lived. Two Thoozin Franklin Quartey, popularly known on social media as Two Thoozin rose to fame after his short video interview went viral. He became an instant sensation and many people mimicked his gestures and talked about his interview for days. After his break out onto the internet, he ventured into a number of things including music but his popularity as we know it now cannot be compared to the time he took social media by storm with his “Month to the month and years to the years” interview. The Virgin Pastor Apostle Job Antwi shot to fame when he paraded himself as the leader of a group which called itself “The Association of Virgin Pastors”. He granted many interviews and appeared on many shows. He later announced that he was getting married and therefore was not going to remain a virgin. His popularity has since declined. Rashida Black Beauty The young teenager rose to fame and became so popular that her popularity won her an award. She became an instant hit that her videos on Facebook were shared so many times. She however hit a snag when an old video of her surfaced on the internet. Her famous “malafaka” signature sign off has worn off and with it, her instant popularity. ‘Kpa kpa kpa’ A Multi TV video of an interview of a man went viral on social media. The man, an unemployed father of five, was asked how he had managed to meet the challenges of the tough economic situation that the country found itself. In his response, the man, Ayitey Mohammed, credited his survival strategy to a “kpa kpa kpa movement”. According to him, “kpa kpa kpa” was not about stealing or using nefarious means to survive but using all available legitimate means to make ends meet. Almost overnight, the video went viral and the phrase “kpa kpa kpa” caught on like wild fire becoming a slang for one’s ability to survive despite the odds]]>

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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