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Insurance, Your Essential Lifeline



Evelyn Seshimey

For religious people like myself, a higher being is our dependable lifeline in any situation. However, my strong belief does not limit my faith in insurance as an essential lifeline. Permit me to tell you more from the perspective of a Christian working in insurance.

Why is Insurance a LIFELINE? 

Insurance is the only thing that promises and gives sure support outside the promise of God when the unexpected happens. While it does not promise a restoration of life when it is lost, it does promise benefits to surviving children or family, support to the life when saved, and recovery of properties when lost. I believe that buying an insurance cover for yourself, your family, business, and or private properties is not the absence of faith in God but rather an exhibition of the wisdom of God that he gives liberally to all who ask.

The frailty of man necessitates the importance of making life decisions like taking an insurance cover to cushion us against the events that land us in a state of devastation. Family and friends may give us some support when the unforeseen happens, but for how long or to what extent? Well, we cannot tell.


Insurance, therefore, is the only thing that promises the extent of support to give when the unforeseen happens or when disasters strike, hence the surety to hang our hopes on and have that peace of mind.

What Areas Do I Need Insurance?

  1. As a Person / Family

Life is full of risks and uncertainties. Hence, it would be best if you had insurance for yourself and the people you love against death, critical illness, permanent or temporary disability and loss of property through t fires, floods, burglary, collapse, etc.

  1. As a Business / Business Owner

The dream of every business owner is to see his investments do well. The main aim of any business is to be profitable as it grows. When an unfortunate incident happens, the future of the company gets shaken. Events like fire outbreaks, floods, the collapse of a building, etc., can affect business growth. You could also lose your business due to professional negligence leading to a lawsuit liability, burglary, accidents leading to loss of life of an employee(s) or disablement, etc. These losses can affect the owners’ finances, leaving them with debts. Insurance is vital because it helps you get back to where you were before the incident.

  1. Insurance Policy Types

There are numerous insurance policies in the Life and Non-Life insurance space for personal and commercial purposes. They cover all insurance needs, be it life, funeral, education, motor, travel, fire, burglary, marine, workers compensation, professional indemnity, contractors all risks, and engineering risks.

To find out what type of insurance package you need, speak to an expert today for the right cover for yourself or your business.

Remember, insurance is an essential lifeline like a life jacket worn while on a ship; you may need it for that support one day when the unexpected happens. Get insured irrespective of your faith and the slight discomfort it may give you through premium payments because life is full of risks and uncertainties.


About the writer

The writer Evelyn Seshimey is a Relationship Manager at Hollard Insurance”

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  1. Alex

    May 8, 2023 at 10:14 am

    Great write up. Insurance is useful

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