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International Day for Girls in ICT: Developing Digital Skills in the Girl Child



The Atekyedo M/A Basic School held a Girls in ICT conference on April 27, 2023, to commemorate the International Day for Girls in ICT. The purpose of the event, which had “Digital Skills for Life” as its subject, was to provide young girls the digital skills they need to take advantage of a wide range of possibilities while also encouraging them to take development of digital skills seriously in a world where these skills have become essential for everyone.

At the seminar, 40 basic school girls from Atekyedo M/A Basic School learned what digital skills were. The capacity to search, assess, utilize, share, and create material on digital devices like computers and cellphones is what the girls were trained to do.

A speaker, Ms. Linda Mensah, led a discussion on the significance and advantages of equipping females with digital skills. She emphasized the possibilities for using the internet to interact, learn new things, gain new skills, and start new enterprises. Ms. Mensah underlined that everyone should have access to digital skills so they may improve themselves and encouraged the girls to take advantage of ICT.

After being split into small groups, the girls were given the chance to demonstrate their proficiency with computers by utilizing Paint 3D to explore their creativity and create a project within a time limit. The school’s headmistress, Ms. Dora Bondzie-Micah, attended the event and urged members of the club to benefit from the resources available to them in order to improve their future.

The girls had a great time experimenting and sharing their ideas at the Girls in ICT conference. The presentation and skills taught in the session will be useful for the girls as they continue to explore and learn about technology.

The Girls in ICT club was started by Mr. Kwasi York of the Ghana Library Authority in February 2023


The value of digital literacy cannot be overstated, particularly for girls. It is essential to provide them the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in a digital world that is fast developing. We thus urge corporate groups to support this amazing initiative by funding further projects and programmes that give young females digital empowerment, especially those in the rural areas of Ghana. In doing so, we would build up a more wealthy society and a brighter future for our daughters.

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