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Introducing Modulo (The Ga Bwoy)



Every now and then, a new force is born to introduce some freshness unto the music scene, and Modulo, The Ga Bwoy is one such person.  With his distinct fusion of Ga, English and Pidgin lyrics, into diverse genres, Modulo’s style of music could best be described as hip-hop with a dash of hiplife and highlife, blended with a touch of UK grime and grooves, and a dose of pidgin. Born Isaac Okpoti, Modulo is a Ghanaian rapper born in Murkudi, Nigeria. He is based in Ghana and currently a Business Information Systems student of Zenith College. Isaac got the name Modulo because he was fond of doing his modulo arithmetic project work in the studio, thus the nickname Modulo caught on and that eventually developed into his showbiz/stage name. At a tender age of 4 years his family moved to Ghana and settled at Labadi, where he attended Labone S.D.A and began ditching school for the music studio as early as age 10. His parents got to know of his music addiction when his report card got to them showing 20 out of 90 days of class attendance. Even though his dad didn’t like the idea of him being interested in music he bought him a conga, or more properly the tumbadora for having good grades, this motivated his passion for music more. He began freestyling, writing lyrics, and followed the music of many artists popular at the time. Isaac was inspired to do music by Buk Bak(GH) , Twista(USA), Jadakis(USA), Sway(UK) and Wiley(UK). Modulo currently has recorded over 6 new tracks that are bubbling under and enjoying gradual radio attention.  The tracks include ‘Ga Bwoy’, ‘Turkey’, ‘Practice’, ‘Shut Down’, ‘Bars for Sale’, ‘I’m Gud’ all produced by Smoque. “I’m currently recording more tracks for my free 10-track mixtape which will be out this year. I’m going to go on a nationwide high school tour to promote the mixtape before releasing an album. I feel that music is a process and I want my music to grow on my fans before coming out with my album titled, ‘Ga Bwoi’ ,” comments Modulo. Check out Modulo – Turkey Modulo – Ga Bwoi  ]]>