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Introducing ‘Press Play’: Caly Grande’s Debut EP Redefines Afro-Fusion Music Landscape



Ghanaian musician Caly Grande has officially released his first body of work titled “Press Play” on all platforms. The five-song EP spans different genres and touches on various subject matters.

He sonically weaves topics like personal struggles, colorism, love, and money, as well as a liberation prayer on “Free Me” – the final song – into a comprehensive extended play. When you “Press Play,” the track “My Mind” starts playing, reminding you to forge ahead and achieve your goals despite the struggles and society’s criticisms of the youth.


Caly Grande captures a distinct angle of the struggle with love and money on “Us Two,” with “Jeje” later completing the theme of love. He doesn’t forget to honor all the “Black and Beautiful” ladies with their flowers while maintaining the groove throughout the entire project.


This debut project by the artist combines great storytelling and amazing groovy sounds to provide a surreal listening experience. This, he said, was intentional to give direction to the project. He told Amplify Ghana in a recent interview, “The EP was carefully written to tell all these stories in one body of work, just like a movie.”


Production credits for the project go to Casper Beatz. The “Press Play” EP is now available worldwide on all streaming platforms.

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