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Introduction to the Korean Casino industry




Throughout the world, the Casino is very famous and when we talk about the casino industry in Korea, you should know that Korea is a big industry in this field.

Not only this, the Koreans are much more conservative in this industry when we compare them with the countries in the Western part of the world. They are more conservative in gambling.

Before discussing more this industry, you should know that the Koreans have strict regulations for these games and they are considered to be illegal in most cases.

For most of the peoples, this game is for fun only but the majority of the players are associated with this income game. The professional players are making a handsome income out of this game.

However, different events are organized around the country for this game. This is the reason why the government of South and North Korea is working hard to make the best policies for this game to make legal in the right way.


In 2018, when the winter Olympics was on the way, Korea was considered as one of the countries that are high in technology. During this time, the Korean Casino industry was at its peak as most of the people of foreign countries were participating in this event.

However, this is also true that the game of South Koreans and the other nation’s players in South Korea are different all the way. For example, the South Koreans are not allowed to enjoy the game the same as the foreigners can enjoy through playing.

There were different obligations on this fact about the difference in the policies which were for the South Korean and other nation players. The policies were allowing the foreigners to carry on the Casino but for the locals, it was illegal.

Let’s have a look at the background of South Korean Gambling:

History of the South Korean Casino Industry

In South Korea, the games of gambling like horse riding, cycling, or boat racing are illegal but the Casino is not. The casino is prohibited in this country and if the locals are found playing this then they would get penalization. According to the laws, they have to spend three years in prison but in case if they find it while playing with the tourist casino.


Not only this, if the locals found for playing the Casino in the foreign countries then they would also get the penalty upon returning. These charges are applicable just for cooperating with the neighboring countries and friendly countries who are against gambling.

There are about 23 casinos that are based on the land and amongst them, only one is set for natives to play. This casino bar is much expensive than most of the Koreans can’t afford that.

The major reason for banning gambling in South Korea is because the government notices the negative public attitudes of the locals when they play gambling.

The actual problem is addiction. The studies in Korea analyze that the locals who use to start playing gambling started becoming the addiction three times more than the foreigners who paly gambling.

Digital gambling

Nowadays, different platforms are offering online gambling features to the locals of the South Koreans. This way, they are making the locals avoid the punishment of living for 3 years in prison. Online gambling is usually secure and safe to play with. Moreover, it doesn’t require any type of consequences.


The locals can use international companies to play the casino but still, they can be caught. Through online platforms, the chances usually get low because you have the opportunity of playing on international platforms.

The news agencies reported that North Korea made different websites for the casino to hit the locals of South Korea and generate handsome income. Not only this, the scheme generated huge revenue for the economy of North Korea.

The international websites that offer this game usually declare it legal for all the countries as you don’t have to meet the rivals directly face-to-face. You just need to sign up for the portal and then you have to deposit the money for which you want to bet or play the game.

There are a lot of other gambling games on these online websites that can be fought between different individuals all around the world.

If you thinking about the ban on international gambling websites in South Korea then it’s right but the player finds an alternative way.


The Players usually use the Virtual private network (VPN) to log the international gambling websites to play the bet and win.

The government not only ban casino websites including international and locals in South Korea but also reduce internet speed for this website because this would create inconvenience for the players to play international games for gambling.

Read Casino blogs for updates

Whether you are living outside Korea or you want to play with the Koreans, you can easily get the advantage of playing with them through reading and researching different blogs to know what is the best way of playing without any punishment.

You can read any international blog for knowing updates about gambling through reading blogs like 바카라사이트 to read more about the Casino latest news and tricks.

All of the worlds are facing the increase in gambling games especially the casino website. Most of the government has imposed taxes on these casino bars but out of them, some also ban the game permanently with strict rules.


For example, the government of the UK has imposed huge taxes on all the casino bars and they want a friendly environment for all the casino bars and players.


Through knowing the updates about the Casino games, you can easily know the tricks for playing the game. Moreover, you can use the Virtual Private Network to access banned websites.

If you are a casino player and want to play this game while staying in the Korea then Virtual private network can take you from one country to another while sitting at your place.


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“ZED MEETS GHANA” launched , set for January 6, 2024




MOZO TV held the official launch press conference for the highly anticipated “Zed Meets Ghana” event, set to take place on January 6, 2024, in Accra, Ghana. 

This is an initiative aimed at helping Zambian artists to cross over the borders into West Africa.

The press conference brought together key artists, influencers, and organizers to discuss the significance of this groundbreaking event for the Zambian entertainment industry. In attendance were renowned Zambian artists including: Chef 187, Towela Kaira, Slap Dee, and Bombshell. The event also saw the presence of influencers such as Tony the Goon, Towela Banda, and Ruth Ronnie.

IMG 8447 1 scaled

During the press conference, the participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be part of “Zed Meets Ghana” and discussed the profound impact this collaboration will have on merging the music and cultural landscapes of Zambia and Ghana. They emphasised that this event marks the beginning of a historic fusion that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on both nations.

In collaboration with Bwired Ghana, the main event is scheduled to take place on January 6, 2024, in Accra, Ghana, but MOZO TV is ensuring that Zambians do not miss out on the experience. The event will be streamed live, allowing fans to witness the experience from the comfort of their homes.


As part of the celebration, MOZO TV will be launching a campaign that gives two lucky winners the opportunity to travel to Ghana and be part of this unforgettable experience. Details of the campaign will be announced soon, so viewers are encouraged to stay tuned to MOZO TV’s social media channels for updates.


MOZO TV extends its gratitude to the artists, influencers, the media and everyone involved in making “Zed Meets Ghana” a reality. This event promises to be a milestone in the history of both countries, fostering a deeper connection through music and culture.

For further updates and information, follow MOZO TV on social media, watch it on Topstar Channel 108 or stream on the “Startimes On” App. 





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Fusing creative arts and climate science: Okyeame Kwame and partners spearhead climate change literacy



Okyeame Kwame shares his work on climate advocacy and justice scaled

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), in collaboration with the Okyeame Kwame (OK) Foundation, and Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (C3SS), University of Ghana, hosted a conversation on Art and Climate Activism as part of the Centre’s Climate Change and Sustainability Seminar Series.


The Seminar, which took place on November 25, 2023, at the C3SS premises, represents an important step in bridging the gap between science, knowledge and practice on climate change and sustainable development knowledge brokerage using creative arts.

More than seventy graduate and undergraduate students from diverse university departments—including the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS), Geography and Resource Development, and the School of Performing Arts—attended the event.



CDKN Ghana’s Country Engagement Lead, Dr. Prince Ansah, underscored that this undertaking is in line with the organization’s dedication to bridging the divide between policy and technical aspects of climate change, as well as innovative arts-based strategies for climate action.

The event’s keynote speaker was the renowned Ghanaian musician, songwriter, creative director, entrepreneur, and climate activist, Okyeame Kwame.


In his address, he placed significant emphasis on the necessity of integrating climate action into popular culture, specifically concerning climate justice and climate literacy.



Okyeame advocated for student researchers to transcend academic boundaries and employ innovative channels of communication, such as photography, social media, and virtual communication, to publicize their research outcomes.


In addition to discussing the human-caused causes of climate change, Okyeame Kwame highlighted  the importance of taking simple steps to reduce emission footprints.


The musician provided practical examples, such as managing household water and energy usage, and advocated for a shift in the narrative from tree planting to tree growing, emphasizing the importance of responsibility and ownership in environmental stewardship.



In closing his address, Okyeame Kwame encouraged the participants to become volunteers for the OK Foundation.


The Director of C3SS, Professor Kwadwo Owusu, expressed his excitement about the seminar and encouraged students to become change agents. He stressed the importance of maintaining the scientific and technical foundations of climate science as tools for advocacy. He also mentioned that the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana lauded this cross-sectoral approach, recognizing its potential in enhancing experiential learning.

Dr. Yaw Agyeman Boafo, Senior Research Fellow and Programmes Coordinator at C3SS and moderator of the event, concluded by emphasising the significance of these seminars in fostering collaborative networks for sustainable climate action in Ghana and the sub-region.



He stated the C3SS’s effort to bring more activists and practitioners to present at the seminar.

Several students in attendance at the seminar recounted personal experiences and involvements in climate action within various institutions, including communities, schools, and churches. They ranged from livelihood empowerment, recycling, artificial intelligence, disaster risk management, and gender equity.


CDKN Ghana launched a climate advocacy prize in partnership with C3SS to recognise students who can develop inventive concepts that promote climate justice and literacy.

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EXCLUSIVE: Fantasia Barrino Reflects on “Losing Everything Twice” Amid Oscar Buzz



Fantasia Barrino
Truth is, Fantasia Barrino is grateful for where she is today.
The American Idol alum, who first played the role of Celie in the 2007 Broadway musical adaptation of The Color Purple, has reprised her part the upcoming film set to debut Dec. 25. And ahead of the movie’s release, the 39-year-old has already generated acclaim and Oscar buzz for her portrayal.
It’s a moment in time that she isn’t taking lightly.
“For me, losing everything twice, having to fight to get back here, it feels good,” Fantasia—who has been open about experiencing personal setbacks—told E! News in an exclusive interview at the Elle Women in Hollywood Celebration Dec. 5. “That’s why I’m going to enjoy it because my story has always been out there. I’ve never been afraid to share it. I feel that when you go through tests, that’s your testimony. How else do you help somebody else?”
(To see more interviews from the Elle event, watch E! News Dec. 6).
And though she’s experienced a lot in her life, the Grammy winner wants others to know they can also overcome any obstacle.
“We go through things, you fall, you get back up,” she shared. “So, for me to be in this room with so many amazing women like Danielle Brooks, I’m looking at these women who have a story, who are mothers, who are wives, who’ve fallen and gotten back up, they’re fighting. I want to enjoy this and know that I worked hard to get here.”
As for how she feels about the all the praise surrounding her currently?
“It feels great but at the same time, I’m thinking the best reward is watching these women and men leave the theater watching the movie and saying they’re healed and they’re whole,” she noted. “And they can let go of things. All of those Oscars mean a lot to me.”
That said, if the “Truth Is” singer were to win an Academy Award, she’s more than happy to accept the honor.
“But I think knowing that my work,” she explained, “and what I put into it because it wasn’t easy—it was very taxing, very hard and I said I would never play the role again, knowing that it’s helped people—that’s the biggest thing.”
In fact, reprising her role was a project she initially turned down, sharing the Broadway experience was “heavy” for her. But, the film’s director Blitz Bazawule was able to change her mind once he shared insight into the vision he had for her character.
“Thank God for him, he’s so dope,” Fantasia recently told E! News’ Francesca Amiker. “When he told me he was giving Celie an imagination, I said yeah. Because here’s the thing: We go through trials, but we don’t do that quietly. There’s something that keeps us pushing. There’s something inside of you that always imagines, ‘You know what? If I keep on pushing, I’m going to get there and that’s what he gave her, and I love that.'”
—Reporting by Tessa Evora/ E!News
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Essential Items for Your Moving House Checklist: Don’t Forget the Basics!



Things to do when moving into a new home or room in Accra

Navigating the process of relocating dwellings is a venture teeming with both exhilaration and tension. The eager anticipation of a novel abode, a rejuvenated commencement, and the potential for forging new recollections often eclipse the intricate logistical hurdles in the journey. To ensure a seamless transition from one residence to another, it is imperative to possess an exhaustive checklist tailored to the intricacies of house moving. In this handbook, we shall delve into the indispensable components that demand inclusion in your moving house checklist, with a spotlight on fundamental aspects that are unassuming yet wield considerable impact.


  1. Packing Essentials: The Bedrock of an Effortless Relocation


The linchpin of any triumphant relocation lies in the calibre and quantity of your packing requisites. From robust corrugated containers to bubble wrap, adhesive tape, and identification tags, ensuring an abundant supply of these articles will fortify the security of your possessions during conveyance. Remember to procure an assortment of box dimensions to accommodate items of diverse contours and sizes.


Prune Possessions Pre-Packing: Rationalising the Procedure


Before embarking on the packing odyssey, seize the opportunity to prune possessions. Sifting through your belongings not only alleviates the burden but also facilitates judicious decisions on what to retain, contribute, or discard. This measure can appreciably curtail the number of items necessitating packing, thereby rendering the entire relocation more wieldy.


Alteration of Address Alerts: Revise Your Particulars

An oft-overlooked yet pivotal facet of relocation involves revising your address particulars. Notify pertinent establishments such as the postal service, financial institutions, utility providers, and governmental bodies of your impending relocation. This guarantees the swift redirection of vital correspondences and services to your new abode, averting disruptions to your daily routine.



Imperative Documentation: Maintain Proximity

Amass all imperative documents, including passports, identification cards, medical records, and pertinent relocation paperwork, and secure them in a safe and conveniently accessible location. It is prudent to carry these documents with you instead of consigning them to the packing ensemble, as they play a critical role in various administrative processes during and post-relocation.


Sanitation Accoutrements: Leave Your Former Abode Impeccable

Do not overlook the inclusion of a parcel containing sanitation accoutrements to afford your former abode a final polish before vacating. This not only leaves an affirmative impression on the incoming occupants but also ensures the restitution of any security deposits. This vital box should encompass items such as cleaning solutions, clothes, mop implements, and refuse receptacles.



Fundamental Implements: Anticipate Unforeseen Hurdles

Being equipped with a fundamental toolkit can prove invaluable during a relocation. From disassembling furniture to rectifying unforeseen impediments, a collection of indispensable tools, inclusive of screwdrivers, pliers, and a spanner, can render the entire process significantly smoother. The necessity to dismantle a piece of furniture to navigate it through a confined entryway may arise unexpectedly.


Inaugural Night Parcel: Settle In Without Perturbation


The day of relocation can be draining, and the last thing one desires is to rummage through cartons in search of crucial items for the initial night in the newfound residence. Assemble an ‘inaugural night parcel’ encompassing toiletries, a change of attire, bedclothes, and any other requisites for immediate use. This parcel serves as a safeguard against unnecessary strain, facilitating a comfortable initiation into the new living space.


Amenities and Services: Strategize Beforehand

Ensure that all amenities and services at your novel residence are operational before your arrival. This encompasses electricity, water, gas, internet connectivity, and any other indispensable services. Meticulous planning ensures a seamless transition and obviates unwarranted downtime upon settling into the new abode.



A Comprehensive Register for a Fluid Relocation


The process of relocating residences may be intricate, but armed with a meticulously arranged checklist, one can navigate the challenges with finesse. By concentrating on these indispensable facets, not only does the relocation process become more streamlined, but it also lays the groundwork for a seamless integration into the new dwelling. Therefore, prior to embarking on your subsequent relocation, allocate due attention to these fundamentals, propelling yourself towards a prosperous relocation.

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The Ultimate Moving House Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide for a Stress-Free Move



Moving House? Here's How Many Boxes You Need

Embarking on the journey of relocating residences is a venture teeming with excitement and trepidation. The allure of a fresh beginning, coupled with burgeoning opportunities, stands juxtaposed against the formidable task of packing up one’s life. Yet, armed with a meticulously devised plan, the transition to a new abode metamorphoses into a seamless odyssey. This expansive compendium lays bare the quintessential moving house checklist, serving as your compass through every intricate step.


Embarking on the Move: Paving the Way for Triumph


Before immersing yourself in the realm of cardboard boxes and securing removal services, undertake a strategic contemplation of your move. Initiate the process by decluttering your domicile, meticulously sifting through possessions, and deliberating on what merits retention, donation, or disposal. This not only lightens the load but also ensures judicious expenditure on relocating only essential items.



Assemble a moving dossier or folio to corral all pivotal documents related to the move. This may encompass quotes from removal enterprises, a task checklist, and any communications with utility providers. Curate a moving toolkit replete with indispensable articles such as packing tape, bubble wrap, and labels.


Orchestrating Financial Affairs: Crafting a Budget for Effortless Transition



The relocation journey invariably unfurls unforeseen financial demands. Formulate a budget that encompasses the entire spectrum of the move, spanning removal expenses, packing requisites, and unanticipated disbursements. Delve into research on moving companies, garnering quotes to juxtapose prices and services.


Alert your extant utility providers about the impending move, orchestrating the disconnection of services at your current residence and their re-establishment at the novel abode. Account for any associated fees and update your address with pertinent entities, such as financial institutions, insurance providers, and the electoral registry.


Packing with Finesse: Strategies for Efficiency and Safeguarding



The linchpin to a stress-free packing endeavour lies in meticulous organisation. Initiate packing well in advance, commencing with items of infrequent use. Adorn each box with explicit labels detailing its contents and the designated room. Contemplate instituting a colour-coded system to facilitate the unpacking process.


Invest in top-tier packing materials to cocoon your possessions during transit. Individually swathe fragile items in bubble wrap or newspaper and opt for robust containers for weightier articles. Remember to assemble an essentials box housing requisites for immediate use upon arrival, such as toiletries, a change of attire, and crucial documents.



Engaging Removal Services: Discerning the Ideal Collaborator


Anticipate the relocation by researching and securing the services of a dependable removal company well in advance. Solicit recommendations from acquaintances or peruse online testimonials to ensure the selection of a reputable and reliable service. Furnish accurate details regarding the volume of items slated for relocation and any specific considerations, such as fragile or valuable items.


Scrutinise the company’s insurance provisions and dispel any ambiguities surrounding the moving procedures. On the day of the move, preside over the loading and unloading activities, providing explicit instructions to the removal team.



Moving Day Imperatives: A Rundown for a Seamless Transition


On a pivotal day, guarantee the disconnection of all utilities at your former abode and their establishment at the fresh one. Safeguard crucial documents, including your moving portfolio, valuables, and medications, keeping them in your possession rather than the removal truck. Carry a toolkit for any eleventh-hour adjustments or fixes.



Conduct a final walkthrough of your previous residence to unearth any overlooked items and ensure overall orderliness. Upon arrival at your newfound dwelling, scrutinise the condition of your belongings during unloading. Record gas and electricity meter readings and acquaint yourself with the spatial layout of your new residence.


Acclimatising to the Novel Environs: Unpacking, Relaxing, and Reveling in Your Fresh Abode


Once the boxes find their place and the furniture assumes its designated spots, engage in a gradual unpacking process. Prioritise essential items before systematically addressing one room at a time. Eschew hastiness – the relocation marks a momentous transition, and affording yourself the time to acclimate contributes to a smoother adjustment.



Mark the culmination of your move by exploring your nascent neighbourhood. Identify indispensable services, forge connections with neighbours, and commence the journey of transforming your new residence into a home. These measures serve as beacons, guiding you towards settling in and embracing the myriad possibilities ushered in by a change of scenery.


Initiating a Fresh Chapter



Undeniably, moving house stands as a formidable challenge. However, armed with diligent planning and an exhaustive checklist, this process becomes a manageable and potentially enjoyable experience. Navigate each stage with diligence, from preliminary preparations and packing to the assimilation into your novel abode. As you shut the door to your former dwelling and step into uncharted territories, remember that each unpacked box symbolises a stride into a new chapter of your life. Embrace the transition, and may your newfound home resonate with joy, comfort, and boundless possibilities.

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SXM Festival Announces Full Line Up For 2024 edition in the Caribbean



Lineup 2024 Phase 12 1X1 3
The most beautiful festival in the world has completed its irresistible list of world class acts as it looks to raise the bar once more in 2024. The likes of Cassy, DJ Three, Culoe de Song, Konstantine Sibold, Manda Moor, Mason Collective, Oxia, Robag Wruhme, Vintage Culture, Wally Lopez and tens more will now play from March 11-18, 2024 on the breathtaking Caribbean island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten with local and club partners still to come.


SXM Festival is a week-long mix of music, art, culture and tropical getaway. It is a highly Instagrammable experience that has, since its debut in 2016, offered a world of cultural delights, escapist day trips, unique island experiences and many more surprises to complement the carefully curated soundtrack.


Says SXM Festival’s Julian Prince, “We’ve got so many exciting acts making their SXM debut, new incredible venues, mind-blowing art installations and so much more in store. As we cruise into the final stretch before our 7th Edition, we can’t help but feel the magic of the number seven so this year will be all about passion, pleasure and partying in paradise. We’re gearing up to take SXM Festival to a whole new level, and we can’t wait to rock this journey with all of you!”



The line-up always blends legendary names and emerging acts from all across a tasteful electronic spectrum and the island itself is one of the main headliners with its gorgeous beaches, lush rainforest dancefloors, beautiful villas, boat parties, and beach clubs all meaning you can plot your own adventure from sunrise to sunset and beyond.


The music plays out at these truly unique venues, each with their own bespoke design and immersive atmosphere and this year there are five new places to explore starting with Bamboo House, a restored 19th Century Sugar Mill in Cole Bay overlooking Simpson Bay with sweeping sunset views. Moonbar meanwhile is a place to escape – a large open air nightclub where the futuristic and whimsical meet right in the heart of Maho and a chance to hop around the strip and explore.


Kalatua Beach is a Caribbean Chic beach lounge and restaurant on Mullet Bay Beach, one of the most beautiful on the island and somewhere you can spend the day partying by the seaside, chilling on beach loungers, indulging in French-Med cuisine and water sports. Next is Lotus Nightclub, voted best on the island for the last five years and one with a truly underground feel, while the St Tropez-style beach club Rainbow Cafe offers lounging by the seaside and partying on the rooftop with mesmerizing views of Grand Case.
All these are added to the already much loved Boho Beach, the iconic Arc main stage, immersive Ocean stage and also up on the peak of Sint Maarten’s highest mountain where the world renowned Panorama party offers dancing with 360-degree views, with satellite parties such as the Boat and Villa Party also part of the experience.


All these latest names come on top of the likes of Adam Ten, AJ Christou, Anja Schneider, Chus, Dana Ruh (live), Doc Martin, Eli & Fur, Fleur Shore, Harry Romero, Ilario Alicante, Kevin Saunderson, Loco Dice, Robag Wruhme, Roy Rosenfeld, Shimza and Tiefschwarz amongst many more.


SXM Festival offers a 3 or 7-day EPIC Experience which includes access to all main events including Happy Bay, Boho Beach and more, or the 3 or 7-day PREMIUM Experience including everything the EPIC Experience offers plus exclusive access to the infamous Villa Party on Saturday, priority access to limited capacity Satellite Party events and best table access, expedited wristband pick-up, closer parking, ultra-mod washrooms, covered areas, additional bars, lounges and surprises.


To upscale your experience further, the SXM Festival Villa Collection offers special benefits when you book such as a private transfer from the airport, a welcome gift, access to the Ultra VIP parking area at Happy Bay for closest proximity to the main entrance, full concierge service, top island experiences dedicated concierge, all available through






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