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Is Benjamin Sapaning the first Black Man to work in China’s Silicon Valley?



I received this exiting news in an email and just had to share…

Meet the Ghanaian, reported to be the first Black Man to work in China’s Silicon Valley in the heart of Asia’s biggest Tech Giant companies, Benjamin Sapaning.

Benjamin Sapaning

Benjamin Sapaning

He’s a Ghanaian by birth and studied Information Technology at Valley View University and later worked as a teaching assistant and then  Joined EIB Network  as a lead software engineer and after working there for some time He moved to china for further studies and upon completion as one of the best STEM student across Asia.

He was offered to Join the biggest software company in China and awarded to be part of Asia’s geniuses club community as the first black man so far in history and currently a Senior Engineer in China’s Silicon Valley. “Black Diaspora making impacts in STEM across the globe”

Shenzhen, sometimes called “China’s Silicon Valley” is where trend-conscious young people gather, experiment with technologies and innovate. The city hosts the head offices of many hardware companies, including smartphone makers Huawei Technologies and ZTE, as well as BYD Auto, which produces electric vehicles and rechargeable batteries. DJI, a leading drone maker, and Tencent Holdings are also headquartered in Shenzhen.

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