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It won’t be easy, but I’ll not divorce my husband if he cheats- Piesie Esther



Award-winning Gospel singer, Piesie Esther has shared that she will never divorce her husband because of cheating.

According to her, if her husband cheats and brings home a child out of wedlock as a result, she will have no option than to adopt the child and take care of him or her.

Speaking in an interview with Fifi Pratt, she said;


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“What else can I do? It has already happened so I will adopt the child and take care of him or her. I’ll not divorce my husband.”

Although Piesie Esther is open to forgiveness and accepting of her husband’s infidelity, she agrees that doing so will not be easy.

“It won’t be easy. Such a situation will give you a shock, it will really give you a big shock. When you trust that your husband will not do such a thing and I get to realize something of that sort has happened I will be shocked,” she emphasized.

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