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Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet



Some clothes and accessories can just change your general look and have a tremendous effect. To be classy and stylish, you should know what looks good on you. You might make some fashion mistakes on the way, but you shouldn’t worry about that, we have all been there.

While you are developing your sense of style, consider getting some basic items. Some of them might rescue you one day. Here is what every woman should have in her closet:

Little black dress

Coco Chanel changed it all when she used this term- LBD – for the first time in 1926. Indeed, a little black dress is a kind of a staple that’s suitable for a wide array of different events.

Every woman should have a variety of chesca’s party dresses, office skirts, and a little black dress for every occasion.

White sneakers

You might think that white sneakers are not really practical. However, brands such as K-Swiss, Adidas, Balenciaga, and Gucci made white sneakers another basic staple. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, and even classy dresses.

Black trousers

If you need to go to the cocktail party or a job interview, the black trousers will help to rescue the situation. According to fashion experts, a pair of sleek black paints can be a baseline for a woman’s polished outfit.

If you like the ideas of ‘having less and being more’, consider creating a minimalist wardrobe with the items listed below.

Check how many pieces of clothes you need for every season to look great: