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It’s a sign of wealth to have a ‘bum, boobs and belly’ in Ghanaian culture – Clara Amfo tells Elle UK



British-Ghanaian broadcaster,  Clara Amfo has revealed she ‘laughed’ in a doctor’s face’ when they told her she’s ‘technically overweight’.

The broadcaster and television presenter, 38, was speaking on the Why… I Move podcast with Elle UK as she addressed her positive attitude towards her body.

As well as her role as a BBC Radio One DJ, Clara is also renowned for her stunning red carpet appearances – such as her recent incredible look at the BRIT Awards.

But the star shared that she was told by doctors she was ‘technically overweight’ and has been the victim of body-shaming since her college days.


She said: ‘I remember going to a doctor for a physical [check] and [told that] I’m technically overweight, and I literally just laughed in his face.

‘I was just like, “No, I’m not. Okay, maybe according to this really outdated, numerical system.”

‘But for me it’s not about what your weight [is], but about how you feel in your clothes.’

Clara has refused to let society’s expectations dim her opinion of her sensational figure – and shared that being a bigger size is seen as a sign of wealth in Ghana.


She continued: ‘It’s funny because I only became really aware of my body in comparison to others in a negative way towards the end of college or the start of university, and even then, I was a bit like “Meh” because I’m West African.

‘I’m Ghanaian, and in Ghanaian culture, all bodies are truly celebrated, whether you’re a size eight or a size 16. But particularly if you’re bigger, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

‘I remember my dad telling me that in a lot of Ghanaian families, it’s a sign of wealth to have some bum and have boobs and a belly. It’s just not a shameful thing to have a body. It’s really, really not.’

The podcast sees guests discuss how exercise impacts and inspires their lives and relationships with others.


Clara spoke about how gendered assumptions around boxing and says taking part makes her feel ‘sexy’.

Source: The DailyMail

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