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It’s disrespectful for TikTok influencers to think without them, songs won’t blow-Epixode



Dancehall musician, Epixode has stated that it is disrespectful for TikTok influencers to think without them, music cannot travel organically.

According to the “Atiaa” hitmaker, despite TikTok having a great influence on music marketing, it is not the only factor.

“It’s quite disrespectful for TikTok influencers to ever think that if you don’t give your songs to them, it won’t blow; for me it’s very disrespectful,” he told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM in Cape Coast.

He continued; “There are so many factors that make a song blow, but that notwithstanding the fact that TikTok is currently one of the major promotional tools that when you use it’s very good.


Epixode’s comments come following the great debate on the effects the social media app has had on the longevity of music these days.

Quite recently, TikTok influencer, Asantewaa caught the heat after stating on live tv that without them, music will not “blow.”

“It doesn’t matter how long you have played your music game, when you release the song it is no longer about the craft unless the song is being given to us, else you will have to jam to the song yourself”, Asantewaa stated on UTV.

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