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It’s Keagan over Seydou – Talia confirms



Zambian Big Brother Stargame finalist, Talia has expressed her intention to continue her love relationship with South Africa’s Keagan, which blossomed in the last few weeks in the reality TV series. In spite of confessing her love for former Angolan housemate, Seydou for majority of her stay in the Big Brother house, she seems convinced that it is going to be Keagan over Seydou even outside the Big Brother house. Talia told me in a telephone interview from South Africa that she was happy with the outcome of Sunday’s finale show. “It is what it is and everything happens for a reason. God has his reasons for letting things go the way it did. I am taking with me all the positivity that I can from the experience.” On the current state of her relationship with Keagan she commented: “Right now I am going to hope for the best, we are going to give it some time and see how it goes from there.” I asked if she had really picked Keagan over Seydou and she replied: “It looks that way!” Meanwhile it appears the feeling is mutual as Keagan confirmed to Accra-based radio station, Peace FM: “Of course I and Talia are going to be together outside BBA.  Seydou is no longer acting so yeah you can conclude that I have taken Talia away from him”. Talia also revealed that being in the Big Brother house has taught her how to relate with her sister, Tamara and she hopes that their ups and down in the house would help them understand each other better in the real world. “We are sisters, she is my blood and blood is thicker than water.  We just have to face our problems, acknowledge our problems so we can find a solution together.” She said she will be going back home to Zambia to study continue with but but I won’t close her mind to any opportunity that comes her way following her exposure through Big Brother Stargame.]]>

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