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"It's not Easy Being a Christian"- Efia Odo Confesses



Efia Odo Efia Odo[/caption] Actress and TV Presenter, Efia Odo, has admitted to having a difficult time living as a Christian. The actress who has being criticised on so many occasions for exposing too much on social media still insists that she is a devoted Christian. She noted that she got saved after listening to the sermon by Dr. Jaunita Bynum titled “No More Sheets”. In an interview on ‘This Is Gospel’ on Hitz FM, the actress said,  “When I was in my early 20s…I played Sonnie Badu’s ‘Covenant Keeping God’ in my room after watching a sermon by Juanita Bynum. I started praying…The Holy Spirit took over…I started speaking in tongues. I just heard a voice saying ‘I am with you’. Nobody touched me. ‘It was like I was lukewarm. My flesh and spirit were always fighting”. Efia Odo was also quick to add that her Christian walk has not been easy in today’s world as he reveals that she constantly battles with sin. “I am in love with Him but I am struggling. To live in this world that we live in now and to be a pure Christian, worshipping God in spirit and in truth is not something that is so easy to do”, she added. The actress and presenter also stated that her journey began when she was a teenager and also a member of a church choir in New York in the U.S. She admitted that after a while, she felt she was only doing it to prove to people that she was a good girl. The actress added that her walk with Christ hasn’t been an easy one.]]>


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