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Jaafar Jackson’s to release ‘Got Me Singing’ in the US in honour of Michael Jackson’s Birthday

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Jaafar Jackson’s to release ‘Got Me Singing’ in the US in honour of Michael Jackson’s Birthday

Jaafar Jackson – rising singer, songwriter and entertainer in Los Angeles, son of Jermaine Jackson and nephew of the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

The beautiful harmonies and impressive dancing abilities embedded in the Jackson genes did not skip Jaafar as the singer’s style and flow remarkably resembles that of his uncle – mixed with modern influences and his own unique twist.  In honor of Michael Jackson’s birthday on August 29th, Jaafar will be dropping his latest single in the Us – ‘Got Me Singing’ , also to be featured on his upcoming album Famous in which Jaafar creatively depicts and reflect son his experiences growing up as a member of the legendary Jackson family.

Nephew of Michael Jackson and son of Jermaine Jackson, music has always been in Jaafar’s genes but hadn’t always been his passion.  Growing up, Jaafar was into golf and wanted to become a professional golfer. He began competing in tournaments when he was just 9. It wasn’t until he was 13, when his father, Jermaine Jackson, gave him the Jackson 5 song “Touch” to learn and perform in front of him.  That fateful debut lead to time in the studio with his father, soaking up the process of creating a song from scratch, a process he fell in love with. “From then on I started to put all my focus into music,” says the now 23-year old Jaafar, “I taught myself how to play piano, started taking vocal lessons, dancing, and studying other great artists.”  Jaafar started collaborating with different writers and producers at the age of 15. “I was going to a lot of different sessions just to be able to create and see where it leads,” recalls Jackson, “It doesn’t happen overnight where you find a sound for yourself. It took awhile until I felt comfortable with what I was creating and being proud of it.”


Jackson met Hardy Indiigo through a mutual friend. They worked on a song together and then 4 years passed. He reached back out and they completed 2 new songs. These songs were the catalyst to booking the 3-month studio lockout which resulted in the creation of his upcoming album. Recording the Famous album was not even the goal of his 3-month studio lockout rather, the goal was simply to create as much as he, and producer / friend Hardy Indiigo, could come up with. The chemistry, energy and creativity of Jaafar’s Afro-Latin heritage (he is half Colombian), and Hardy’s African French musical influences, birthed 20 records, and amongst those, the body of work that would become Famous.“Being in the studio for 3 months everyday was an amazing experience for me. If I’m not comfortable or if the energy feels off, it’s hard for me to create and be my complete self. The chemistry we all had in the studio was great.”


Jackson credits his father as being a tremendous help with advice to better himself and taking

the music to another level. “I would send him copies of the songs and he’d send back his

honest opinion and notes on how it could be better” says Jackson, “I’m beyond thankful I have

that great support from him.” But Jaafar isn’t riding anyone’s coattails. He knows his name

may open some doors, but his talent has to measure up. “‘Famous’ is one of my favorite

songs on the album because it’s the most in depth song that speaks about the things I’ve had

to go through growing up with my last name.”


“Got Me Singing” maintains an up-tempo beat infused with South American elements such as Brazilian’s Baile Funk and 90s house chords. The music video from the Vidigal Favelas of Rio de Janeiro has been viewed more than 2.5 million times in the first month of its upload.


Keep Up With Jaafar On Social Media:

Instagram: @JaafarJackson

Twitter: @JaafarJackson

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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