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“Jackie Appiah is my inspiration”, The Billionaire’s Wife actress Andriana Akua Amegbor



Andriana Akua Amegbor
She may be new to the game but 21-year-old Ghanaian actress Andriana Akua Amegbor is already a fan-favourite with her role in the Ghanaian Showmax Original drama series The Billionaire’s Wife. Andriana plays Adepa, a young woman who fights her way to the top and marries a billionaire (played by Kingsley Yamoah), only to find out that being a billionaire’s wife is the toughest thing she’s ever done.

We caught up with Andriana, who shared more about what it means to have her first lead role, getting into the headspace to play Adepa, her biggest inspiration in the Ghanaian film industry and more.
This is your first major role on screen. How does it feel?
It honestly felt unreal when I first saw myself on screen. For a second, I thought I was dreaming, except in this dream I was wide awake and when reality hit me, I didn’t know how to feel anymore. I felt joy, a bit of fear, excitement, and panic, and a feeling of great responsibility just rushing in. I love it.
Would you say you felt some kind of pressure to get it right?
Yes! This is my very first project and a very important one with me playing the lead. I didn’t want to have any flaws, setbacks or make any mistakes in my delivery; I wanted to be perfect. I felt that if I didn’t deliver perfectly then I would only be wasting the time and effort of everyone working on the project, and this thought weighed heavily on me.
What is it about Adepa that speaks to you the most and that made you want to play her?
Adepa doesn’t settle for anything less than what she feels she deserves, and therefore she goes out there and gets what she wants, even though her means may be questionable. I call that a goal-getter.
Adepa has fought her way to get to where she is. Do you relate to her experiences in any way?
Well, I will say that nothing has ever been handed to me; I actually worked for it. I think this is something Adepa experienced and that I can relate to.
What has been the most challenging thing about playing this role?
Being able to cry was actually challenging. I don’t tear up easily but Adepa’s life had a lot of emotional moments where she needed to cry. Somewhere along the line I discovered a trick that worked for me, which made things less challenging.
Anything this character has taught you about yourself?
I’ve always seen myself as a working-class lady but after walking in Adepa’s shoes and experiencing the luxury, comfort and transformation Bill’s money gave her, I realised I honestly wouldn’t mind being the wife of a rich giver. I didn’t think of things this way until I met Adepa. Don’t tell my parents I said this, haha.
How was it like being directed by Danny Adotey, and working with the entire crew of The Billionaire’s Wife?
It was an amazing experience to be accepted and treated like family. The unity and love on set was beautiful and the fact that everyone kept giving me tips on how to improve on myself made me feel calm, safe, comfortable and that I belonged.
Why do you think Ghanaians will relate to Adepa’s story?
Ghanaians will relate to Adepa’s story because the majority of us are no strangers to poverty. Adepa is playing the role of their reality. Her means to a better life may be different for every person but her struggle is being lived by many.
How has it been acting alongside an actor like Kingsley Yamoah? Any lessons you’ve learnt from him seeing as he’s been in the industry for a while?
Acting alongside Mr. Kingsley Yamoah was really cool and fun. He’s jovial and this makes working with him very comfortable. He gave me a few pointers when we were on set but the one that really stuck was: “Treat every scene like you are auditioning for the role and give it your very best”. This I will be keeping forever.
Which Ghanaian actor or actress would you say inspires you the most, and why?
The actress Jackie Appiah is my inspiration. I find her hard working, really talented, focused, an achiever, a strong woman, reserved and very beautiful. She makes her job seem effortless and I would like to be like her someday.
Catch Andriana as Adepa in The Billionaire’s Wife on Showmax, with new episodes releasing weekly.
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