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#JamesonConnectsGH: A look into the best celebration on March 6



The word is already out, Jameson is connecting Ghana in a special way on March 6, 2022.

As Ghana celebrates 65 years of independence, Jameson wants you to join in the celebration at the Untamed Empire on Spintex Road. Ahead of the March 6 event, there have been a host of conversations by your favourite influencers around the need to connect as well as thoughtful conversations on Twitter Spaces around Ghana’s culture and creativity as a county.


Jameson Ghana keeps making it better by day. Redeem your free ticket to the event here . Limited tickets are available, so it is recommended you register now.  Here are all the reasons why you can’t miss the main event on the 6th of March, 2022.



Celebrate Ghana

Independence Day is all about celebrating how far Ghana as a nation has come. Jameson Ghana is making it possible to have the best time out while connecting with people who have the same interest as you. It’s all about goodwill, unity, diversity, taste and style for the biggest celebration in the city on Ghana’s 65th Independence Day.



The power of Ghana’s music

Music has been a part of Ghana’s history and rightly so. The talent pool on the land of red, gold and green enhances its ability to push boundaries through music.

#JamesonConnectsGH won’t be any different as music is a relevant part of this celebration. Join Smallgod & Friends, Camidoh, Bryan The Mensah, Asi Rene, Essilfie Music, Ogranya, Ria Boss and Marince Omario as they turn up the Untamed Empire with their magical voices and music styles that will light your soul on fire.

DJ Ernie, The Masked DJ and Eff the DJ will be on standby to fill in all the spaces with superb Ghanaian music for when your favourite artist is not performing.



Fun activities

Have you ever wondered if you could be the next Tony Hawks or draw your way into Ghana’s history with some cool graffiti art? Then there is no reason why you should miss the #JamesonConnectsGH event on March 6.



See the best skateboarder performances while getting skateboarding lessons from top coaches in the country. If you are lucky, you will get some skate equipment to start your journey into stardom.


Engage experienced graffiti artists on their works while getting some Henna works on your skin.



Where there is a connection, there is healthy competition. Have fun with a host of games with your favourite stars and influencers as you climb to the top of the leaderboards. Games that will be available on the day include a pool table, Oware, Ludo, Scrabble, Jenga, Cards and Monopoly. There is a little surprise pack (hint hint) which is the Jameson Box infused Jenga. You have to be around to get the full experience.

Remember to check out the Independence Day Media Wall alongside the Jameson Connects Media Wall.


In all of these, if you need that beard or hair trimmed, #JamesonConnectsGH have you covered as there will be a barbershop to give haircuts.



Food and drinks

Yes, Item 13 like you’ve never had before.

This is a true celebration and will not be without food and drinks. Come along and enjoy the best of Ghanaian dishes and a host of complimentary cocktails made available by Jameson Ghana. From the Signature serve, Jameson, Sprite & Lime and the popular Jameson Ginger & Lime to the Jameson Crush come and pamper your taste buds as Jameson connects Accra on March 6.



A free event

Looking at the list of goodies mentioned, one may think they would have to break the bank to be able to join in the celebration.

The answer is no, you do not. This superb event is free for all who want to connect and celebrate Ghana.



Just get your tickets in these simple steps or register here


  • Purchase the specially designed Jameson Independence Day Bottle Pack. You will also receive a cool Jameson gift.


  • Follow @jamesongh on Instagram and click the registration link in the bio.


There is no excuse now to miss the most anticipated event in Ghana’s capital as the country celebrates 65 years of independence. Be ready because for this year’s independence celebrations #JamesonConnectsGH.


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Follow Instagram page – @jamesongh

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