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Jayso launches new website and releases Beats-Tape.



jaysoJayso is without a doubt the best Producer in Ghana. His approach to the craft and production skills are unprecedented. A few years ago, we saw the release of “Jayso Heartbeats Vol.1” which had the instrumentals to hit songs like Sarkodie’s “Lay Away”, “Borga Borga” & “Push”. Jayso played a major role in Sarkodie’s success story producing about 70% of the artist’s first album. The album won many awards at the Ghana Music Awards including Best Album, Best Hip-Hop & finally win Sarkodie the ultimate title “Artist Of The Year”. Sarkodie credits Jayso for believing in him & taking him to his studio to record his first album. Founder of the leading Hip-Hop brand “Skillions” & Skillions Records, Jayso has also showcased many promising young talents. The list of young musicians who have passed through his camp is endless. With productions for bigwigs like Wyclef, Sway Da Safo & many other international acts, Jayso is undoubtedly a gift to the music industry in Ghana. “Jayso Heartbeats Vol.2” has been released on Jayso’s new website ( A compilation of 14 popular instrumentals produced by Jayso for various artists. The list includes the instrumental for “Pizza & Burger” by Jayso himself & Sarkodie. The song is in contention at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. The purpose if this compilation of ‘beats’ is to make them available for promo use by Radio Djs, Fans & musicians in general. Kudos to Jayso and we will most definitely be waiting for Vol.3. Download Link:]]>