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Jeleel! & Armani White Drop Video For New Single “Gnarly!”



Jeleel! & Armani White Drop Video For New Single “Gnarly!”

Buzzing Los Angeles-based rapper JELEEL! teams up with Armani White on the video for their latest single, “GNARLY!” Watch it HERE via 10K Projects.


Directed by Mattias Russo-Larsson, the visual takes place in a deserted junkyard where JELEEL! has full reign to showcase his antics. From doing pull-ups on metal beams to golfing off a shipping container, the rapper’s moves sync up perfectly with the playfulness of the song. Soon, Armani White joins in on the fun, as the two are seen vibing in a golf cart while dirt bikers zoom around the duo.



“GNARLY!” offers another glimpse into JELEEL!’s upcoming debut album REAL RAW!, following his last single RIDE THE WAVE!which The FADER hailed calling JELEEL! “a relative newcomer quickly taking world by storm and stealing some hearts in the process.”REAL RAW! is slated to arrive this Spring.

JELEEL! knows how to grab your attention. It’s not that the Rhode Island-born rapper and singer intentionally seeks out this attention, but his live shows that blend MMA techniques, sprawling mosh pits, and torrents of unrelenting energy tend to produce viral moment after moment.

But as he prepares to release his wildly anticipated debut album REAL RAW! this spring, the young dynamo plans on proving himself to be so much more than high-flying stunts and endless charisma. Awe-inspiring as those moments of entertainment can be, he’s ready to prove his true worth as an artist.

Though JELEEL! has been percolating in the independent music landscape since 2019, he skyrocketed to fame with 2022 single “DIVE IN!,” which captures the breathless catharsis of hyperpop with a joie de vivre wholly unique to his mission. It’s a call to action on the floor of the club.


JELEEL! was born in Rhode Island to Nigerian immigrant parents. From childhood, he dictated life on his own terms and created a vision blending art, athleticism, and celebrity charisma. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue music and he released his first project, Angel from Heaven, in 2019.

Shortly after, he began building a presence on TikTok — he now has more than two million followers — where the community has embraced his honesty and passion. Now, JELEEL! gives his all to everything, which might seem exhausting to many, but he truly doesn’t know any other way. “If I keep doing something again and again and again, I’ll get better at it,” he says. “You just got to push through.”

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