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Jennifer Hudson attacked in South Africa



Oscar winner and singer, Jennifer Hudson has revealed that she was attacked by a huge bird while filming for the movie, ‘Winnie’ in South Africa.  She said that one day, the bird flew in from nowhere while they were on set and landed on her laps, causing some small confusion on set. But the lovable Jennifer wouldn’t let anyone harm the bird as she petted it a bit before letting it fly away.  ‘Winnie’ sees the American Idol singer turn actor portraying the indefatigable former wife of Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela.

Hudson made the revelation on the new season of the Graham Norton Show now showing across Africa on BBC Entertainment on DStv.  It was the same show, recorded in April this year, that saw Jennifer Hudson being reunited with her Bafta awards, 5 years after it was lost in the post.

When she won a Bafta Award in 2006 for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson was delighted but was unable to collect the prestigious prize in person. So officials decided to send the award over to her in the US through the post, but it never arrived. Norton presented Hudson with the award in a humorous ceremony reenactment, but the surprise gift left 29-year-old Hudson slightly emotional.

Hudson, who showed off her amazing figure in a tight black Victoria Beckham dress, also spoke to Norton about her recent incredible weight loss. The actress, who has dropped five dress sizes after adopting the Weightwatchers eating plan, said: “I’ve had all kinds of reactions.”

She also revealed why most of the bad singers in the American Idol auditions seem shocked whenever judges reveal their lack of talent to them.  According to the former American Idol star, they go through two auditions before meeting the judges and so it comes as a surprise to them when after making it pass those auditions, the actually judges make them feel absolutely worthless.

Meanwhile, ‘Winnie’ -a biopic about Winnie Mandela starring Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard is among the additions to the lineup of the Toronto International Film Festival this September.