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JICA Trains Ghana Immigration Service Officials On Infection Prevention And Control



The Japan International Cooperation Agency has organized an intensive training on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for targeted points of Entry Officials of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS). The training took place at the Koforidua Training Centre of the Ghana Immigration Service. Over the next 4 weeks, about 200 GIS officers are expected to be trained.


In his remarks, the Chief Representative of JICA Ghana, Mr. Araki Yasumichi said: “Border management is critical to secure the frontiers and safeguard every nation from the risks involved in the movement of goods and people from one country to other neighboring countries and vice versa. The movement of goods and people is essential for every country in the interest of its economy. Within the current COVID-19 pandemic, developing capacity to responding to infectious diseases in the context of border management has become very crucial.”



On December 6, 2021 Record of Discussion was signed for the commencement of the Technical Cooperation Project for Strengthening Border Public Health Capacity at Points of Entry in Ghana. The project is expected to strengthen the capacity of border management for responding to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases at 16 minor border points of entry across Ghana.


The project has two main components; Procurement and installation of sanitation facility for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, for about 16 border posts across the country and the “Training on Infection Prevention and Control”.

According to Mr. Araki: “We anticipate that by the end of the training and subsequently installation of sanitary equipment, GIS’s capacity of border management for responding to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases at the targeted points of entry would have been strengthened.”



The Eastern Regional Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service, Ms. Prudence Aku Sosu remarked: “History has taught us that one of the defining factors in times of adversity is Strategic Partnership. The Ghana Immigration Service is grateful to JICA for the resource interventions and the Human Capacity Enhancement training programs which will better equip our Point of Entry staff to effectively utilize the resources we have received and continue to have a long lasting positive impact in the management of travelers in the context of Covid-19 pandemic.”


In his speech, the Director of Immigration, Mr. xxxx said: “On behalf of the Minister for Interior, I would like to thank JICA for this laudable programme, which forms part of government’s efforts to enhance its migration governance drive. Migration has assumed an important role in the global agenda as the prospects for social and economic development is increasingly gaining recognition from policy makers and leaders of nations.”



He concluded: “This programme is an indication of how we are striving as a country to get things done together for desirable results. This falls in line with our attempt to meet objectives 7 and 15 of the Global Compact on Migration endorsed by the United Nations in December, 2018 in order to achieve a Universal Health Coverage for all.”


JICA has been supporting the regional trade and integration through development of international corridor, and development of the WAGRIC Master Plan. The regional integration and economic growth would also be a focus area during the next Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development (TICAD 8).



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