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JMartins gifts 18-year old fan a $10,000 wristwatch


JMartins gifts 18-year old fan a $10,000 wristwatch

jmartins18 year old Musa Isa  from Kogi State will certainly have a tale to tell when he goes back to school. But first…he has to come to terms with it himself. Because on Saturday, at the 2nd leg of the Star Music Trek concert which held at Lokoja stadium, Lokoja, the young secondary school student not only got a chance to see his favorite star-JMartins- face to face, he also left the venue with a special gift from the artiste, a wrist watch valued at over $10,000!



Urging the young boy to work hard and face his studies squarely, JMartins handed over his watch to an obviously overwhelmed Musa who will probably remember this act of generosity for a very long time to come.

Amidst the thunderous applause, there are very many for whom this bold gesture comes as a surprise- not because the reticent artiste is tight fisted but quite the opposite actually-  because JMartins is well known for leading a quiet life and keeping his generous deeds well hidden from the public eye.

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