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JOB Opportunity Information Sessions To Be Held For Unemployed Graduates



Starting in Accra on Tuesday 20 March, AmDeCo  will be offering #1000Interns applicants and unemployed graduates the opportunity to hear from, interact with and learn more about the world of corporate Sales & Marketing. Experienced and successful Sales Executives from the Financial Services sector will be sharing their experiences and journeys with applicants. Nationally, there will be subsequent Information Sessions coming up for university, SHS, HND or TVET graduates interested in applying for Training and, for those who are successful, full-time jobs in Corporate Sales, Marketing and Communications. Amma Gyampo, founder of AmDeCo says “This project is about doing business while doing good. This project is about the impact of matching 1000 unemployed graduates with a tangible opportunity to transform the trajectory of their futures. The idea really is that after a year or two of practical experience with our corporate clients, those Interns that are so inclined can think about climbing the corporate ladder or eventually go on to start-up their own businesses successfully offering products or services that solve local problems for our country’s development. One of the first pieces of advice we offer start-ups or would be entrepreneurs is “what problem are you looking to solve with this business?” Gyampo adds: “Our clients will share further information about the free Training and Sales/Marketing/Communications roles they have available for our Interns. Interested interns will get to engage with Sales Executive . Unemployed graduates are encouraged to apply and attend the programme if they are interested in receiving formal work experience with a corporate organisation and developing these essential skills, which will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives. 

Interested applicants must first apply via to be selected and given full details of the information sessions. 

How To APPLY To #1000Interns 1. Apply online: 2. Information Session: if your application is successful, you will receive an invitation 3. Interview: if you are interested, you will be selected 4. Training: up to 3 months of intensive, practical corporate Sales/Marketing/Communications Training 5. Start WORKING & EARNING. What you put in, is what you get out, so TRAIN HARD, WORK HARD, Take charge of your own life. Top 10 Tips For Positive Internship & Work Experience Outcomes
  1. Show up your BEST self each time! Be on time. Look smart. Smell fresh. Work hard and learn hard. It will get you far.
  2. Always listen to instructions very carefully when your Supervisor is speaking.
  3. Ask sensible questions – demonstrate that you have tried to understand a concept yourself fully before asking questions
  4. Be confident and assertive: work well with your team mates and colleagues.
  5. Attitude is everything! Be positive, open-minded and willing to learn, even from your mistakes or criticisms.
  6. Try new things, you CAN do it! Never tell yourself “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that” just because it makes you uncomfortable or you “feel shy”.
  7. Read daily to develop your own interests, widen your perspective and set your future goals with current work experience as a starting point for 1-2 years.
  8. Aim to be outstanding and push yourself to succeed at any tasks, especially challenging ones, during your work experience.
  9. No need to be shy. Be clear in the way you communicate. Go get the life you want. It’s up to you to ACT NOW to improve your circumstances.
  10. The first few weeks of a new job or study schedule is naturally hard, we understand that; it does gets easier once you get used to the routine. Hang in there!
Watch more from Fred Deegbe, CEO of HTW Shoes on the importance of work experience for Ghanaian graduates after school.

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