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Joe Rogan UFO Podcasts: Top Conversations on Extraterrestrials & Aliens



Do you believe in Extra-terrestrial beings? Joseph James Rogan, 54, is very much confident that aliens are in our midst. One article about him in states that his once 60 percent confidence in alien existence has risen to 100 percent due to the 2004 Tic-tac Unidentified Flying Object recorded footage by the US Navy and from his interviews from people who claim to have encountered alien life.


Joseph James Rogan is known for his podcasts. He is also a stand-up comedian, TV commentator, and actor, so he is an entertainer. In the year 2009, he introduced a new podcast entitled Joe Rogan Experience that catapulted his popularity. In the year 2013, he also launched Joe Rogan Question Everything, a TV show which talked about topics on otherworldly beings and UFOs along with some experts in this area. The show aimed to approach the topic with an open mind to the possibilities of the paranormal and enigmatic part of the world. However, the show was short-lived after one season and six episodes.



Despite the short-lived duration of the show, it is undeniable that the show has left an impactful impression on the world especially on its avid viewers. Among the topics or subjects covered that made people less skeptical about the mysterious and paranormal are the following:


  1. When he guested Mike Baker, a former Central Intelligence Agent who shared about Unidentified Flying Object


A covert field operations officer Mike Baker revealed some confidential information that may prove the existence of the otherworldly. Rogan asked about credible UFO stories like the Tic-tac video then Baker explained that others are experimental but he did not deny the existence of hard-to-explain ones. Baker shared that he questioned some things when he reflected on unfathomable tech. He did not confirm anything, and others are also claiming that Baker might be playing mind tricks on the viewers, but this interview remains as one of the top conversations in Joe Rogan Ufo Podcasts.


  1. His interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson who shared about the warning of Stephen Hawking


Neil Degrasse Tyson, a well-known astrophysicist, shared about Stephen Hawking warning of the possibility of alien visitors with ill intentions or enslaving humanity based on the reality that we have done it to ourselves. Every conversation with Tyson has been beguiling, and his emphases on alien colonization have been captivating. Whether it is his convincing play of words or truth, this conversation is one of the best.


  1. The conversation with physicist Brian Cox and his knowledge of alien biology


Brian Cox articulated complex ideas to make them easier to digest. He broke down how changes life and space could work from actual creatures, microorganisms to asteroids. Given his intellectual capacity, he made paranormal and alien life existence appear possible. He was also able to answer even the most absurd questions from Rogan.


  1. Physicist Avi Loeb explains interstellar objects


A respected researcher working at Harvard, this conversation has heightened the interest of viewers. He talked about the possibility of interstellar objects might have an extra-terrestrial origin constructed by aliens. Having a reputable person from a respected institution on Rogan’s show had ears listening and believing in the probability.


  1. James Fox and Jacques Vallee share about an Unidentified Flying Object in Zimbabwe


As a director, James Fox listened to several witnesses about the UFO in 1994 in the area where he made a documentary.


  1. Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell discuss the human history and alien technology


Bob Lazar attested that he was hired in area 51 to reverse engineer ET technology. He discovered that the materials he was working on were non-existent in this world. He shared about alien involvement in human history. The podcast was exciting, especially for listeners who are interested in the otherworldly.


  1. Travis Walton’s controversial sharing on his abduction by aliens


The interview with Travis Walton has created a controversy to the extent that what assumably happened to him (alien abduction) was the reference to the movie “Fire in the Sky.” He said he was lying on his back then a light above him suddenly appeared, and he awoke to creatures watching him then he was abducted. He said they had large eyes and were hairless and that he did not see their expressions changed nor talk. He gave a detailed account, and it made waves in the media. Whether it was fictional or true-to-life, the interview was one of a kind.


  1. Christopher Mellon shares about UFOs


Probably one of the top-tier interviews, the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for defense shared a lot of confidential information about UFO and his encounters. This podcast episode was so informative that it was one of a kind.



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