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John Dumelo aims to revolutionize agriculture amidst controversy



John Dumelo, the renowned Ghanaian actor cum politician, has recently voiced his aspirations in light of the controversy surrounding former Minister, Cecilia Dapaah.

Ms. Dapaah made headlines when she apprehended her househelp and others, alleging their involvement in the disappearance of funds from her residence. This incident sparked Mr. Dumelo’s imagination, pondering what he could achieve with just a fraction of Cecilia Dapaah’s considerable wealth.

The talented actor expressed that with the financial capital equivalent to a fraction of the Minister’s wealth, he would focus on expanding his onions and tomato farm significantly. He elaborated on his vision, stating that the funds would be primarily directed towards implementing modern irrigation techniques and acquiring high-yielding seeds to make his farm highly productive and profitable.


John Dumelo’s aspirations go beyond personal benefit; he believes that by increasing the output of his farm, he may help Ghana reduce its dependency on onion and tomato imports. The government now imports a large amount of these veggies from neighboring Burkina Faso and Niger, putting pressure on the national economy.

The actor laid out his ambitious targets, aiming for a 10% reduction in onion and tomato imports from Burkina Faso and Niger by the year 2024. He envisions an even more substantial decrease of 19% by 2025. Such a reduction in imports would not only lead to economic benefits for Ghana but also empower local farmers and strengthen the agricultural sector.

In a heartfelt message, Mr. Dumelo wrote: “Only if I had a fraction of Cecelia Dapaah’s $1m, the importation of onions and tomatoes from Burkina and Niger will reduce by 10% in 2024 and 19% in 2025. I will invest it heavily in irrigation and high-yielding seeds and make some good profits. So help me God!.”

John Dumelo’s ambitions demonstrate his commitment to constructively contributing to the growth of his country. His idea has the potential to have a huge influence on Ghana’s agricultural terrain and overall economic growth as a renowned person in the Ghanaian entertainment sector and a successful farmer. With persistence and assistance, he hopes to make his ambitions a reality and encourage others to do the same in their communities.

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