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Joris Ocran’s Journey to Victory: A Mega6 Lotto Success Story



Joris Ocran’s Journey to Victory: A Mega6 Lotto Success Story

Joris Ocran, a dedicated Civil Servant from Senya Bereku in the Central Region, has emerged as a winner in the Mega6 Lotto, taking home a whopping Ghc20,000 from just a Ghc20 investment.

The draw occurred on Monday, 24th July 2023, and the winning numbers were 5, 39, 37, 47, and 19. To his delight and disbelief, Joris discovered that he had matched four numbers, specifically 39, 17, 5, and 19.

This remarkable feat has changed his life and contributed to the growth of education, sports, and creative arts in Ghana, as a portion of every stake goes into the Mega 6 Impact Fund. It’s a story of personal victory and community impact.

MEGA6 Lotto has changed the lottery game in Ghana, offering a digital platform that combines the thrill of lottery games with cutting-edge technologymaking lottery convenient and accessible to everyone above 18. With just a smartphone and an internet connection, anyone can participate in the Mega6 Lotto draws and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.


The convenience of the Mega6 Lotto app, available on both iOS and Android stores, brings the lottery experience to your fingertips.

Joris Ocran’s success story is a testament to the opportunities that Mega6 Lotto offers. When asked about his plans for the prize money, Joris excitedly replied, I’m going to invest most of the money and take my family out for a treat.”

If you’re looking to try your luck and join winners like Joris, download the app or visit And remember, while luck plays a part, responsible play is crucial.

As the popularity of Mega6 Lotto continues to soar, we can expect more success stories. The draws are conducted with the utmost integrity, ensuring every participant has an equal chance of winning. And each story is about individual winnings and the impact on education, sports, and creative arts in Ghana through the Mega 6 Impact Fund.


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