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Juliet Ibrahim says Ghanaians will deal with her boyfriend, if he breaks her heart



Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg slim Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg slim[/caption] In a recent joint interview with Lexis Bill, Juliet Ibrahim playfully warned her boyfriend,  Iceberg Slim that if he dumps her, her tons of fans and Ghanaians in general would deal with him. “Ghanaians you are listening ooo, the whole country is behind me, if you mess up…if you mess up Iceberg Slim…I see the comments from my Ghanaian fans like ‘if you try it, if you mess Juliet up, we will deal with you,” she said. Iceberg Slim, revealed that what attracted him to Juliet was her heart of gold. “She has great heart…she is a very caring person…there is no word in the dictionary to actually explain. It’s just a feeling and it’s a happy feeling, ” the Nigerian told Joy FM’s Lexis Bill.]]>