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June Is Here! Kobina Ansah’s Tribeless Is Here!!

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June Is Here! Kobina Ansah’s Tribeless Is Here!!

This June is not only going to bring down rains. It is also bringing Kobina Ansah’s hit play, TRIBELESS, to the National Theatre of Ghana!

The Mirror columnist is known for his plays such as This Family Is Not For Sale Season 1 and 2, I Want To Sue God, My Wife in law and currently Tribeless. All his plays have a common focus of sparking social changes and conveying deep lessons.

Set in a ghetto, TRIBELESS tells the story of four friends who at their wits end form a music/dance team. With a bigger dream to pursue their own careers, they dare to use their music and dancing talents to get what they want. Twists and turns set in when the group reaches the verge of breaking up at the height of its success because of one teammate’s greed and selfishness.

TRIBELESS is a lesson-laden drama. The motivational play tagged “For every prize, there’s a price” has relevance in today’s society where most young dreamers are easily frustrated by prevailing conditions. Themes touched on include streetism and breast cancer.

“TRIBELESS is strictly for people with dreams,” Kobina Ansah confided. “It is themed on having a dream and pursuing it with all of one’s might whatever regardless.”

The epic musical stage play shows at the National Theatre on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at a price tag of GHC50. First show is 4pm. Second show is at 8pm. Tickets are available at Quick and Fine (UPSA), Say Cheers (Accra Mall), All Needs Shop (Legon campus) and all Goil and Total filling stations. Alternatively, one can call 0269654873.

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