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Justin Timberlake still haunted by the incident in Toronto



In the latest interview with Graham Norton, Justin Timberlake said something interesting. Hollywood star and artist said that he is still haunted by one incident from 2003. It was very long ago, but Timberlake is still worrying about that fact. It happened in Toronto in front of thousands of listeners. Fans who did not like Justin’s presence on the stage have thrown bottles.

Justin Timberlake recalls the exact moment of “booing” and throwing bottles. Soon, Justin found that those bottles were full of urine. Timberlake believes that it was the most disrespectful decision from the fans. People who were waiting for a good concert may not be fans of Timberlake at all. It was an event for Mick Jagger, and Justin was just an invited guest to perform two songs. The artist and songwriter said that it was the worst event ever in his entire career, but he loves Toronto in general.

Justin’s love to Canada and Canadians in general

Grammy awards winner said that Toronto is a very peaceful city with lovely citizens. Justin recalls his many tours and concerts in Canada, and all the time, he had a fantastic voyage there. Timberlake is a charming artist for Canadians, but what happened exactly at that concert, Justin still can’t understand.

Justin had a minimum of 10 official solo-concerts in Canada. He has performed in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. If we don’t look at solo concerts, it’s visible that he had many performances in the top Canadian casinos. Every year he has been performing in different casino resorts, and most of the time, he visits Canada for big offers.


Best casinos in Canada host big parties for VIP signers and make casino gamers’ lives better. Lastly, Justin was seen in Canada performing in Casino resort back in 2018. Timberlake himself is a huge fan of casino games. Justin frequently takes part in poker tournaments. The US artist loves playing not only poker but also roulette and slots. It’s not a surprise that Justin loves playing different casino games as he has also played an interesting character in a casino-themed movie called “Runner, Runner.” After the movie, Justin admitted that his character loves playing casino games, and the same thing could be said about him personally. Grammy awards winners have been spotted in casino resorts many times for fun. 

Nightmares still haunt Timberlake from 2003 charity concert

During the interview, Justin recalled the exact moment when charity concert managers called him. A young celebrity couldn’t believe that he would perform along with Mick Jagger, AC/DC, etc.

While talking with Graham, Justin said that there were half a million attendants, and everyone wanted to listen to Mick Jagger, not him. Timberlake had to perform only two songs, and the most frightful thing happened during the first song when people started throwing water bottles from the first two rows. Justin Timberlake mentioned he had a really good reaction to avoid those bottles and not interrupt the performance. After the first song, the artist stayed on stage and asked attendants to bear with him for one more song.

Timberlake sang “Senorita” as the second track and finished the performance. It seems funny after many years but Justin says that nightmares still haunt him. The American artist has many unanswered questions from that night as he can’t forget the moment when people started throwing bottles at him.  

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