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Kae Sun gets inspiration from Ghana for his latest EP, ‘Outside The Barcode’



Canada based singer songwriter Kae Sun turned to his native Ghana for  a lot of inspiration for his new EP, ‘Outside the Barcode’. The return to his homeland after nine years of living in Canada renewed his drive for creating the raw and non-commoditized artistic experiences that shaped his passion for music.

‘Outside the Barcode’ is an authentic and reflective collection of songs that showcase Kae’s growth as a songwriter, storyteller and guitarist. Recorded on 2-inch tape on a farm in Ontario the raw acoustic songs recall the sense of community and authenticity that inspired the tracks. Kae’s focus was to create a more shared listening experience rather than dictating his audience’s experiences.

The 5-track EP is currently available on Kae Sun’s official website for downloading,

Track Listing:

1. Firefly Dance

2. When The Pot

3. Burden Of Love

4. Interlude

5. Weh-Weh