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Kafui Prebbie Foundation launches the KAP Educational Fund, and signs 200 kids onto the NHIS



Global development expert and CEO of the Prebbie Group of Companies Kafui Prebbie, on Friday, August 12, 2022, launched the KAP Educational fund at the Nyame Dua Children’s Home to commemorate his birthday.

The KAP educational fund is a subsidiary project under the Kafui Prebbie Foundation launched this year to support needy kids, street children, and less privileged youths in the areas of education and health.

Addressing the guest and participants of the event, Ms. Laurin Assiamah-Yeboah, the Assistant Project Manager of IMPLEMENTERS-project managers of the event disclosed that, the Kafui Prebbie Foundation had sponsored the onboarding and renewal of some 200 kids onto the National Health Insurance Scheme.


She said:the Kafui Prebbie Foundation contacted us for a health project which had been done before by the Foundation in Winneba. In our search for an orphanage that needed support with NHIS, we came into contact with Mr. Anaba, Director of Nyame Dua Orphanage who disclosed the orphanage in the last two years hasn’t had the required support from the Municipal Assembly to register the kids at the orphanage on the NHIS, so this influenced our choice for this orphanage.”

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She added that the Kafui Prebbie Foundation also supported the renewal of Health Insurance Cards for the Methodist Rafiki Satellite Village in Winneba, as part of the goal of the Kafui Prebbie Foundation to support less privileged kids get access to basic health care.

Speaking at the event, Kafui Prebbie, founder of the Kafui Prebbie Foundation discussed the value of blessings, “It is only when you appreciate that you have favor is when you realize that not everything that comes to you is meant for you. You’re just a vessel and vehicle through which things should pass through you. So I open my doors and allow my resources to reach others.  The blessings come because it’s for others and you’re expected to translate them to those people. If you stop being good, the blessings stop” he said.


 According to him, this understanding of the value of blessing is what inspired the creation of the Kafui Prebbie Foundation to support underprivileged kids in education and in health. In response to the need to establish an educational fund, Techaide’s founder stated:  “In our region of the world, there is still a need for basic education, and I want to address this need with the funding this newly established fund will provide. We are hoping to improve some children’s futures with the help of my friends and partners.” In addition, he pledged that kids from the Nyame Dua Children’s Home, where the KAP Educational Fund was launched, would be among its initial recipients.

Mr. Kafui Prebbie, the Kafui Prebbie Foundation, and project managers, IMPLEMENTERS, were praised by Mr. Paul Anaba, Director of the Nyame Dua Children’s Home, for the donations his outfit received.

Present at the event were the family and partners of Mr. Kafui Prebbie which included Dr. Deborah Rose, Mr. Japhet Aryiku, and Mr. Jonathan Weiser of Helping Africa and Friends of Yamoransa Foundation.



The Kafui Prebbie Foundation was officially launched in 2022 by Kafui Prebbie CEO of the Prebbie Group of Company with the aim of paying forward the many years of opportunities and experiences that Kafui Prebbie has received with the youth, especially orphans or the needy on the street who may not have received the opportunities he had.

With a focus on impacting lives in the areas of education and health, the Kafui Prebbie Foundation through its KAP Educational fund and NHIS project has a target of supporting about 500 needy and underprivileged kids through education and also helping them get access to basic health care.

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