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Kalybos Opens Up About Rumored Rift with Funny Face



Well-known Ghanaian Comic actor, Richard Asante, better known as Kalybos, has addressed the alleged feud with fellow comedian Funny Face, clarifying that he harbors no resentment towards him despite rumors of discord over a woman.


Speaking in a recent interview on Onua FM, Kalybos explained that while his friendship with Funny Face may have loosened due to life experiences prompting him to be cautious about relationships, they remain friends.


The thespian emphasized that certain life events can reveal the true nature of friendships, and though they haven’t met recently, there’s no animosity between them.

“It’s not that we’re no longer friends. Certain situations toughen you, and not everyone who enters your life is meant to stay. It’s best not to cling to what should not remain. We haven’t met recently, but certain events reveal who should be near you. So, there’s no tension,” he said.

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Regarding Funny Face’s accusation of pursuing a lady they both knew, Kalybos expressed surprise and denied any involvement with a woman Funny Face had been intimate with. He dismissed the accusation as baseless and recounted how even his fiancée found humor in the situation.

Kalybos went on to urge the public to ignore Funny Face’s claims, asserting that he couldn’t fathom the reason behind them. 


Notably, this issue arose before Kalybos recently tied the knot.

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