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Kanye West moves on to supermodel Irina Shayk



Kanye was spotted with the Russian born supermodel in France on his 44th birthday. The new couple was seen smiling and exchanging glances at a luxurious hotel. The duo returned to the US Wednesday afternoon but did not leave the airport together.


Sources have confirmed they are romantically involved; however, it is unclear how “serious” they may be.


This may come as a surprise, seeing how his ex-wife and the rest of the Kardashian clan publicly expressed their love for the rapper on his birthday. But sources say the reality tv star “doesn’t mind” and is happy for her ex-husband. But let’s remember, Kim was the one to file for divorce first. The couple was married for 7 years.


Irina is no stranger to the industry; she shares a daughter with Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper and has modeled for Kanye’s clothing line “Yeezy” in the past. He has also mentioned her in a couple of his songs.


Is this Hollywood’s newest couple?



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