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KasaBazaar Launches in Accra with a Promise to Change Real Estate in Ghana



Kasa Bazaar, the expansion team of the largest real estate company in Ghana and Africa, has officially launched in Accra. The launch event, held on April 30, 2023, at the Erata Hotel, was attended by a large number of people, making it a huge success.

During the event, the president of Kasa Bazaar, Mr. John William Adel, called on the government of Ghana to support the real estate industry by putting measures in place to help the business thrive. Mr. Adel highlighted that Kasa Bazaar is involved in the real estate industry as well as shipping, offering door-to-door deliveries from all over the world to Ghana.


Furthermore, the president stated that Kasa Bazaar is also into property management, providing professional managers to maintain buildings and other assets. According to Mr. Adel, Kasa Bazaar is unique from other real estate companies, as it helps individuals build their dream homes instead of the traditional model of buying land, building and selling.

Kasa Bazaar is driven by its values of God, family, and business, creating a culture of excellence that inspires and motivates its team members to achieve their goals. The company focuses on superior talent, proven systems and models, and revolutionary technology to provide the best possible service to clients. The guest speakers for the event were Dr. Kwame Agyeman & Hon. Kwabena Kokofu (EPA).

Speaking to the CEO OF Kasa Bazaar, Mrs Rose Adel, she stated ” Kasabazaar offers flexible payment terms for every individual, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to build generational wealth through real estate”. When she was asked about the affordability of their shipping servives; also added that their ” shipping to and from Ghana is very timely and affordable”.

Kasa Bazaar is passionate about taking the real estate industry to a new dimension in Ghana and Africa. With its core values, passion for success, and focus on innovation, Kasa Bazaar is poised to be a major player in the real estate industry for years to come.

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