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Kash shrugs off the haters and releases two new singles



After getting several ‘hate comments’ on some websites when he went public about working with American rapper, Mike Jones and calling for Ghanaian musicians to move away from the azonto craze and explore other forms of music, US-based Ghanaian singer and rapper, Kash is back with two new singles and as well he addresses the hate he received online. Speaking on the hate messages he comments: “Initially I felt bad but upon realizing the comments weren’t genuine but from my music rivals, I wasn’t worried anymore because it’s normal for people to criticize the hard works of others. People made those comments to discourage me or try to bring me down but my fans knew that when people are trying to bring you down, it means you are on top or above them.” According to Kash, he is currently focused on his scheduled final recordings with Mike Jones this summer and his work with his foundation. The Kash Charity Foundation (KCF) is non-profit making organization aimed at helping needy children with no parents and in financial difficulties. He explained that the foundation would be fully operational this year and officially lunched before the end of the year. “So far I’ve been able to get some friends and supporters to help me in running the foundation and also I have found storage for all donations,” he explained. Kash has two new singles namely ‘Woy3 Toff’ and ‘Medofo’ which start playing on Ghanaian radios soon. He comments, “My new songs are all about having fun. It’s a new style and I’m hoping Ghanaians will love it to the max. I have a new song which featured Houston’s finest producers Nick and Zero. Also my new video is on the way as I get prepared to officially release the new album titled Never lose hope’  ]]>

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