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Kaywa advocates for clear distinction between secular and worldly music



Renowned Ghanaian music producer, Kaywa has expressed the need to differentiate between secular and worldly music. He believes that these two categories are distinct and should not be conflated, especially when labeling musicians.

Kaywa, who has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, both gospel and secular, made his stance clear during an appearance on Joy Prime’s Celeb Biz Show. He pointed out that while secular and gospel music are different, musicians who don’t create gospel music are sometimes unfairly labeled as “worldly.”

Kaywa emphasized that the Bible criticizes worldly music, which typically includes content with vulgar or immoral themes. However, the same cannot be said for secular music. Secular songs, he noted, can carry positive and even spiritually uplifting messages, such as love songs.


“We must understand that secular music is not wrong. Secular and worldly are two different conversations to have. Worldly is what God frowns on. An example is an artiste who always uses vulgar words. Secular songs, on the other hand, are love songs that can be spirit-filled,” Kaywa explained.

The Ghanaian music producer further clarified that the lack of understanding between these two categories has led some gospel musicians to be hesitant about collaborating with their secular counterparts. He encouraged a more open-minded approach, where Christian artists extend love and collaboration to secular musicians.

Kaywa’s perspective is rooted in the belief that Christians have a responsibility to define and demonstrate love, not only among themselves but to all individuals. Collaborations between gospel and secular artists, he argues, can be a powerful way to bridge gaps and promote a more harmonious music industry.


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