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Kaywa issues statement on removal of Mr Drew’s music from YouTube



Music producer and CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, has issued a statement on the removal of Mr Drew’s music from YouTube.

The statement reads:

Our attention has been drawn to news circulating that our artiste, Mr Drew has
stolen a song “Love Riddim” belonging to Rotimi, an America/Nigerian artiste.

The song was a ‘cover version’ a remake or revival of the original performance and on
every occasion our Artiste credited the originator ‘Rotimi’.

We want to state emphatically that our Label is previewed to all the copyrights
Infringement Laws and as such we wouldn’t do such a thing intentionally.

There was a little miscommunication between our digital publisher and that of
Rotimi’s which caused them to block the video on copyright grounds. Moreover, the
label is in talks with the rightful outfit and Mr Drew is in a friendly conversation
with Rotimi.

We unequivocally take the blame and promise to make sure this never happens again in the future.

David Kojo Kyei ( Kaywa)
CEO, Highly Spiritual Music