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Keep the kids entertained at home during festive holidays with endless animated entertainment



An absolute blast, guaranteed! That’s the Animania festival on M-Net Movies Smile (channel 105 on DStv), that not only offers some of the best animated movies around, but also promises to spark the creative genius in everyone with arts and crafts ideas, games, singing and dancing throughout the festive season, in the company of an adorable, irresistible band of fun-loving CGI-animated playmates! the Zanies, who “debut” this year, are:   Princess Puff is stylish, sassy, sweet and super smart, her human age is ten, and she can make popcorn with her magic wand.   Singo Star is a true performer, he never shies away from taking centre stage, he is an extrovert, outgoing, confident, optimistic and talented. His human age is nine.   Super Hugo is the clumsiest and most relentless Zany ever. He truly believes he can fly and is always on a flying mission using balloons, umbrellas, blankets, kites and anything else he can find. His human age is eight.   Sweet Toothy is the sweetest Zany of them all. When she is sad, she melts but she quickly becomes happy again because no one can stay sad after seeing an ice cream. She can go from sad to happy in seconds, and she leaves sprinkles everywhere. Oh, and she always finishes her food. Her human age is five.   Uneek Corn is the cutest unicorn ever. Her horn is a corn cob and when she gets excited, it starts popping popcorn. She poops rainbows and her human age is six.   Wavey Bae is a bae-utiful creature who lives “under da sea”. He is actually a bit of a scaredy-catfish, but he finds sea creatures fascinating at the same time. He blows endless bubbles and uses his shell as a special blanket that protects him from other sea creature. His human age is seven.   Among the movies that will be screened on M-Net Movies Smile all day long are Moana, Trolls, Escape from Planet Earth, and The Lego Batman. Many other great stories like Norm of The North, Sing and Maya The Bee will also brighten up your day. The festival kicked off on 7 December 2018 and will continue until Sunday 6 January 2019. It is a doorway to a world filled with fantasy, adventure and excitement. For more information, check out the website   If you don’t have access to DStv Premium, you can enjoy some animated fun from Monday to Friday during the Kids Club Movie Festival on M-Net Movies Zone (channel 139 on DStv) between 4am and 3pm, Sunday to Friday, and 3amto 5pm on Saturdays. And you don’t have to miss out if you decideto spend the day on the beach instead the movies will be available on DStv Catch Plus.]]>