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Keeping hope alive! The tragic life of the student athlete who twisted his spine at Swedru Senior High School

Swedru Senior High School
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Keeping hope alive! The tragic life of the student athlete who twisted his spine at Swedru Senior High School

It is quite shocking to note that there is literally no insurance cover on possible injuries that might occur as a result of partaking in sporting activities in Senior High Schools, in Ghana.

The only thing the school can do to help the injured is to collect contributions from students and old students. Often the student is left with his or her family to face the consequences.

Mohammed Abdullah, a young boy in his twenties, had his spine twisted in Swedru Senior High School (SWESCO), which has rendered him paralyzed.

Recounting his bizarre situation he told that on November 21, 2015, he went for lunch, and went to the hall to prepare for their upcoming inter-houses game, which was almost to commence in a week.  Although he was a 100/200 meter-runner, he wanted to try a high jump mounted by his friends. Unfortunately for him, after his jump, he landed on his neck and got his spine twisted.

He was rushed from the school to Swedru Government Hospital and later transferred to Korle Bu teaching hospital.

The Aftermath Of His Terrifying Situation

At the Korle Bu teaching hospital, Mohammed was discharged that same week as a result of doctors going on strike. He was rushed home; hoping that he would get well but the situation went soar.

Mohammed lost his memory and couldn’t even recognize his parent. In addition, his speech was suppressed. As if this wasn’t enough, he also lost his urinal and fecal controls. Due to this, he has been catheterized to aid him in passing urine.

Mohammed’s tearful mother, Ivy Owusu Ansah told that, ever since her son got into this situation, the family has gone bankrupt. The amount from students and teachers of Swedru Senior High School and loved ones have been used to buy medicine and payment of both herbal and orthodox medicines.

She again added that, her husband who is a taxi driver together with her, a hairdresser, sold their car and shop respectively, to take care for their son’s medical bills.

“Every week, we change the catheter and the amount is expensive for a jobless mother to bear,” she said.

She also made a shocking revelation that her son has contemplated suicide over his hopeless situation. The most recent suicide contemplation came after a man who had been offering help to Mohammed got involved in a motor accident leading to his demise.

Madam Ivy also told that the school has not been fair to her.” If I have had the means, I would have sued the school,” she said.

The House 3 “hall master” from Swedru Senior High School, Mr. Boisson told that, even though Mohammed, a sprinter decided to try high-jumping at an unauthorized place, the school managed to pay his fees from Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

In addition, he noted that the school’s chaplaincy board together with students and teachers donated to help support Mohammed Abdullah. He explained that currently, there have been new teachers and new students who do not know Mohammed personally, so telling them to pay money to help Mohammed has become very difficult.

“The headmistress at the time of the incidence supported, the new headmistress has also managed to support with GHC 1,200. In the first two years the school had been supportive and an amount of GHC 2,000 from extra classes had been used aside the schools contributions. What has currently handicapped us is the free Senior High School policy which prevents us from taking money from students,” Mr. Boisson said.

By: Abdul-Rahman Musah

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